Chaska of Argentina Writes……

Myri Dakini and Chaska

Myri Dakini, Tara Dhatu’s Central Coordinator for South America, was invited to share the Tara Dance at  the Annual Gathering of South American Women in Argentina. She met Chaska, one of the organizers who made a deep connection with Tara’s Dance. Myri asked Chaska to write something about the gathering for our web news. This is Chaska letter….

This was the third gathering of South American women in the spirit of healing our planet. We titled it “The Bloom of our Gifts,” celebrating women willing to take responsibility for the healing and honoring of   “Pacha Mama”, our beloved Earth, as nourisher, sustainer and creator. We strengthened and shared our luminous nature offering a space of expression for all.

We met in San Marcos Sierras in the province of Cordoba, Republic of Argentina October 8-11. We shared four days  full of magical moments of harmony , beauty, color and joy, the gifts of femininity in all its splendor.  Seven hundred beautiful beings took part receiving  luminous,   nourishing inspiration to live love.

This marvelous, harmonious , full of grace gathering had the committed participation and  selfless collaboration of women re-uniting  in lunar circles,   sharing the visions of grandmothers, mother, little girls, ,magicians, cooks, neighbors, artisans, shamans, dakinis, they all offered us their gifts to shape this new earth.

The women’s circle of organizers are grateful for the beautiful harmonious and valuable participation of Myri Dakini of our  sister country Brazil who guided us in the marvelous and enriching Dance of the Mandala of Tara. Saturday  afternoon  when Father Sun  accompanied us under the trees more than 70 persons  danced Tara and sang the mantras of healing that are linked to Tibetan Buddhism.

The Dance of Tara unified us in ecstasy. The wonder of being united with Om Tare Tutare allowed us to express and connect with our heart of the Goddess Tara and its qualities.  Thanking infinitely to Prema Dasara, Myri’s teacher,  who through Myri Dakini’s devotion was truly present with power, wisdom and compassion. The spirit of each  of us remained absorbed in the sweet  and strong perfume of the Goddess Tara. Forever held in our heart we pray,  MAY ALL BEING BE HAPPY, MAY ALL BEINGS BE FREE.

Thank you Dear Myri for your heart of light, you were a generous transmitter.

Thank you Prema Dasara for the creation of this dance for the benefit of all.

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