Tara is Dancing in New Zealand

The end of the Dance of the 21 Qualities of Tara in the Temple at Chandrakirti, for the Consecration of 21 Statues of Tara.

In the 90’s Anahata and Prema spent a fair amount of time in New Zealand and several Tara Dance circles were turning. They took one trip down to the South Island and stayed at Chandrakirti, a budding Dharma Center. Anahata had just completed the video, Dance The Goddess, and they left a copy with the organizer Phillipa. One of the local women began facilitating the dance at the temple, modifying it somewhat. She then moved to the North Island and asked Catherine, a local dance instructor, if she would take over facilitating the Tara Dance at Chandrakirti. Catherine contacted Tara Dhatu and came to Kauai for our ten day retreat to learn more about facilitating the dance. She joined the Student Teacher Program and has been traveling about, sharing what she has learned and receiving invitations to include the Mandala in local festivals and celebrations.

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