Dance Tara in Bali

Bali, a small island in the archipelago of Indonesia, has a fascinating culture. Animistic in depth, Hindu in modern expression, the Balinese have developed magnificent artistic expressions in the realms of sculpture, dance, music and cultural rituals.

Some years ago I taught the Tara Dance in Bali, dancing for and with the Balinese. I studied their sacred dance with the Queen of Peliatan, and sought to illustrate the connection between the Balinese culture and the Odissi culture of the Indian Dance that I was trained in.

The Balinese are famous for their carved masks and I have been longing to get a set of masks professionally carved and painted of the 21 Taras. A friend offered to help facilitate that for us in Bali.

Once the masks are carved I would like to take a circle of dancing Taras to Bali to pick up the masks, have ravishing costumes made and perfom for the Balinese. We will then bring the costumes home in preparation for our first Monlom, hopefully in 2014.

My plan is to stay in Ubud, Bali for 10 days, exploring the culture and developing a Tara Mandala with the masks and costumes so we can dance for the Balinese in some of their sacred temples, such as the Mother of the World Temple.

We will then go to Java, visit and dance at Borobodur and a Tara Temple that is near Jogjakarta. From there we will head to Bangkok to dance the full Mandala at Mae Chee’s temple.

Are you interested in joining our merry band of travelling dancing Taras? Let me know at I have already reserved the hotel in Bali for December 7-18th, 2013. I am hoping to have 25 dancers and two musicians.

Om Tare!!!

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