Sound of the Heart, Spirit of the Wind

 Myri Dakini, our Central Coordinator for South America and Assistant Director of the Tara Dhatu Educational Programs, just returned from a Tara Dance teaching tour in Argentina, Chile and the far south of Brazil.

She writes….

The voice of the heart calls everyone! In this sacred place where the rainbow shines with the voice of the wind, we know, it is the voice of Mother Tara!

Sharing Tara in South America was a gift from the universe, brought by the hands of the mother who guides, nourishes, protects and loves Her children. In this journey I was able to fully experience the unique calling of Tara as it touched each dancer, echoing, resounding in each heart.

In harmony with the 5 elements, in the presence of vibrant mountains, rain, wind, sun, the Cordilleras welcomed me. The ancestors of this land, the Wise Women, brought their vision and we joined these wonderful and sacred presences, invoking our own sources of Refuge:

I celebrate and thank the opportunity to express our true nature. Dancing in the Mandala, sharing it’s wisdom, we drink from the source. Tara in front of us, Tara we are!

The circles in every area were formed by women of several generations. It is precious to guide young Taras joining the mandala with devotion and surrender, each one a Tara in the Great Mandala, each one bringing sublime qualities, manifesting their true nature.

Each one constantly asking, “Why am I here? What is my true motivation?”

Engaging in the practice with a sincere heart we entered the golden spiral of the mandala and turned the prayers of Tara in all directions for the benefit of All Beings.

This journey began In Rio Cuarto, Argentina. Norma gathered a circle of women to retreat with the dances of Green and White Tara… Read More.

Then Nina, in Buenos Aires, prepared a special night for dancing Tara… Read More.

Off to Chile, vibrant with the Mapuche energy, we turned the Mandala of Tara, empowering and giving support to Vera, who has shown great dedication to this path… Read More.

The full moon lit my way back to Brazil. In São Francisco de Paula, Natalia organized a retreat of dancing Taras with surrender and great beauty… Read More.

I am so grateful for this path and celebrate everyone who helps this work to grow and bring benefit to all.

With gratitude to Prema, who shares this treasure, and unites us in a sangha, We turn the Mandala of Tara’s dharma together, in unity.

Om Tare Tutare Ture Soha







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