Dancing for the Great Dragon in Brazil

His Holiness The Great Dragon

Cilene has been a Tara Dancer in the Brasilia Circle for some years. While Myri was on tour with Prema, Cilene took the initiative to organize an offering of dance to His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa.

She writes…

Following an intuition,  I contacted Lama Jigme Lhawang, resident Lama in Rio and the organizer of His Holiness’s tour, about the possibility of the Tara group of Brasilia making an offering of dance. He accepted the suggestion with joy but because it was only three days before the start of the tour I was wondering how many dancers would be able to participate.

I sent out a quick notice through the internet and fortunately there was a lot of excitement. There also were a lot of logistics and I wondered if we could pull it off. There seemed to be so many obstacles, especially from the local organizers. We were discussing them online and fortunately Lama Jigme saw our communication and assured us that we were welcome to dance and all arrangements would be made.

Sunday, 27thJuly, was the last day of the Tour of the Great Dragon and he was to give an empowerment of Medicine Buddha. We decided to offer him the dance of Tara’s qualities. The event was held at a park, in the open. There were many people at the event, and, for Brasilia, it was unprecedented cold, and very windy.


The area was beautifully decorated, the initiation was powerful, and the teachings about Medicine Buddha were precious. But the ceremony was very long.  I was conerned that no one would be willing to see the presentation, despite the announcement of Lama Jigme that there would be a dance at the end of the ceremony.

To all of our amazement, a light rain fell. We were in shock,  July is a month of drought in Brasilia. His Holiness was filled with joy, declaring this a very auspicious sign, a blessing of Dragons.

He then announced that now we will see the dance. Ricardo was already installing his guitar and a space was made in front of HH. People surrounded the shrine so they could experience the dance as well.

Feeling nervous with a mixture of excitement, we we started our offering. Ricardo playing his guitar and singing, Dani calling the dance commands and and drumming, everything flowed beautifully. The audience was attentive and emotional. I was dancing in front of HH.  He watched intently, sometimes serious, sometimes smiling.

The best came at the end. We offered the dedication, there was applause, and then Lama Jigme said HH would bless us one by one. We raced around getting Katas. I asked Lama to tell HH that Prema and Myri gave their blessing to our presentation.

Thus, we were blessed in so many ways. His Holiness the Great Dragon promised to return.

During the week, as I attended other dharma events I heard people who were present that day praised the dance, saying how it had been a beautiful offering.

Om Tare !!!


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