Flutter-By : A Poem by Leanora Orr

Leanora Orr has been a dancer in Tara’s Mandala for many years. She has supported so many, selling her personal items and artwork to raise $$ for the Kauai Circle scholarship fund. This year her economic situation has been challenging and Tara Dhatu and the Kauai Circle were pleased to offer her a work scholarship to the Kauai Camp. She is a tireless worker and was a great asset.

If you would like to check out her artwork….go to

She is looking for someone to help her to market her artwork so she can regain some solvency. She always has her heart and mind into creative projects and is a joyful and blessed presence in our Tara Dhatu.

This is her “Flutter-By” a poem about dancing Tara #10 at our Annual Tara Dance camp this year…….

Dancing  JOY and LAUGHTER, Tara #10

AH,       being      born
Into the fullness of
The great Wheel of Fortune,
Turning magnetically,    with e  x  p  a  n  d  i  n  g
JOY       in the       V  A  S  T          space
of  the   Present
Opening the great     Red     Bloodlines   circle
of Love of what     IS,      being birthed
With wheels turning and
Spinning,        inviting
To       Arise       and        Fall
In the Mindful Reeling     in     and     out
Of Tara’s great Bliss,      dancing  on  /  in
the Belly of the Buddha
Interdependently     in the    Mandala,     energetically
As Is,           Ha   ha,      ha     ha,        …..     a h h h h  h  h

GRATITUDE  to all        for the    grace of funds,    presence,
anjali mudra,        leah            leonora         leahVAni

photo credit:   Layla Wrencher

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