Dancing Tara in the Far South Brazil

Liamara Chemello

Liamara Chemello is a Level 3 Tara Dhatu South America Student Teacher in Porto Alegre, one of Brazil’s largest cities in the far South. Every time our Student Teachers offer an event or a class they are asked to submit a report. 

Here are some excerpts from Lia’s October report…


Edithe, a beginning Level 1 Student Facilitator of the Tara Dance, asked me to help her lead a Tara Dance offering for a group she belongs to called Flor de Liz. This group is dedicated to celebrating the Divine Feminine within different cultures. Every year they hold a closed festival for their members. We decided we would teach the group Tara’s Mantra Dance.

We proposed to meet with women who were serious about doing deep work to prepare for the festival.  Grazielle, another Level 1 Student Facilitator, was a great support in creating invitations and email outreach.


We started our practice Oct. 19 with 7 participants. We opened with the prayer of motivation and Shantideva’s Bodhicitta prayer. To our surprise the doorbell rang and brought us seven more participants. The circle was filled with women who had danced with me through the years. It was a great joy to welcome these wonderful Taras .

I had prepared a recording of Prema’s meditation on “Tara before us” with the intention of putting us in direct contact with Tara. I passed out copies of a line drawing of Green Tara so the dancers could color them while listening to the recording. While the group was painting in silence I personally connected deeper and deeper with the practice. The guided meditation finished, the song of the mantra continued and the room was filled with energy.

With Tara ‘s Invincible Courage in mind we began to dance the mantra meditations. We paused to clarify each gesture and each view, with Tara above our heads and lotus flowers at our feet. We blessed the elements; earth, water, fire and air . Offering our gifts to Tara in the second part of the Mantra Dance, we strengthened our healing circle, affirming our initial motivation that brought us to this meeting.

We felt the dance focus our energy as we became an organic, living prayer, turning the wheel of love, responding to the challenges of life. We all felt so encouraged. We are prepared!!



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