Tara Retreat, Brasilia, December 2013

Myri Dakini offered a one day retreat at her dance studio, Om Tare!! Her intent was to give her students the chance to deepen in the practice of Tara.

She writes….

I invited my group of Tara dancers to engage in a small retreat with me, so that we could go deeper in Tara’s practice.  I used the Sadhana of the Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara. I invited everyone to engage in all the meditations that Prema has taught us including prostrations, the 8 precious offerings, mantra accumulation, and the prayers and rituals of the Sadhana.

There were seventeen women who attended the whole day. I was so pleased that new dancers and old were willing to dedicate this Sunday to practice together the precious path of the Dharma, the treasure that is Tara’s Sadhana.

We ended the retreat dancing the Mandala of the 21 Praises of Tara. We all experienced the incredible depth of practice through the dance by having such a powerful concentration.

Experiencing the path of Wisdom, Compassion, Power and Love we truly felt we could share the wisdom that rests in our hearts and determined that we must practice like this more often.

I had some wonderful assistance through the day. Maíra guided a yoga practice with wisdom and love. Zênia, a long time practitioner of the Dharma, shared the teachings of the Four Thoughts That Transform the Mind. Ricardo and Abha sang the Mandala music for us to dance as a celebration and closing practice. Maya and Dani, my precious students who help maintain the practice when I am gone, supported me in every way with love and care.

Each woman who participated helped create the beauty, the power and the wonder of Tara. My heart rejoices with happiness and gratitude to be part of the Great Mandala of Mother Tara.

I had asked Prema if she would open the retreat by Skyping with us. It was two in the morning when our call went through to her. It was wonderful for us to be able to see her, to hear her teachings, to feel her support. She said,

“It’s really precious to take this time. Try as much as possible to keep awake. Don’t worry to do everything perfect. The most important thing is your sincere heart. Engage in the meditations with sincerity. You have everything you need inside you. These practices will stimulate your inner guidance. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, don’t be afraid of your confusion. Be confident. Myri is an excellent guide. She has a lot of experience in this practice. And if there is something that she can’t answer, I am available for you.

Tara is here to support you in this journey. Don’t hide from Her. Be exactly who you are. Have courage and be strong to face any negative patterns. Be patient and persistent.   You will quickly accomplish your spiritual aspirations.

Remember why you are here! You are here to awaken to the mystery and preciousness of what is within you. Have compassion for yourself. It is not an easy process. There will be a lot of challenges, but if you can have compassion for yourself, you will be able to develop compassion for everyone.

You may have a lot of questions. Don’t be shy about asking them. Take some time to purify the feeling of guilty. Whatever you have done in the past, it is past. Let it go. Decide now that you will do your best. Don’t worry, ou will understand, even if it is a wild ride.”

Zenia wrote:

Dear Myri,

Please receive my deep appreciation for the wonderful day we spent deepening in the practices of the Tara Dances. I am flowing in gratitude and joy! What a fortunate union of the perfect place, the perfect agenda, wonderful people, divine purpose, excellent method, competence guidance,  profound intentions. Even the meal we shared was enjoyed in the Light of Tara.

May the blessings spread for the benefit of all…


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