Opening the Way

New Student Facilitators Opening the Way in Austin, Texas


For years Kathryn Henderson has kept a circle of Tara Dancing going in Austin, Texas. Health and life issues caused her to stop the practice a few years ago, but she did manage to transmit it in a way that Anjali Maazel found her way to Tara Camp on Kauai. Once home in Austin Anjali was determined to resurrect the circle of Dancing Taras.

She and Kathryn collaborated in some marvelous ways. And a circle of Dancing Taras is developing, and preparing for Prema’s visit in March.

For information about their work and their plans contact

Anjali Maazel

Kathryn Henderson

Santa Cruz, California


Santa Cruz, California


Adora Deva and Raga are collaborating on starting a circle of dancing Taras at the wonderful Medicine Buddha Retreat Center in the hills behind Santa Cruz. There have been circles and performances of the Tara Dance in Santa Cruz for many years and it will be nice to get that circle up and running again.




Special Thanks to…..

Mary Wood, who assumed leadership of the South Bend, Indiana, cirle from Jenny Mish who has moved to Montana.



Marlene Butler who assumed leadership of the Napier, New Zealand circle from Clare Woodham who has entered a six month retreat.

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