Our Oceans: Tara Dancers and Water Offerings – Albany, CA

 Albany, CA Group danced Tara Dance Dedicated to Healing waters

Tara Dance Practice Healing Waters

By Rev. Jacuqelyn Sendak Zavaleta
During the many years I have danced and taught aspects of the Sacred dance of the Goddess Tara (based on Tibetan Sacred texts) I have observed how this Divine female energy has brought forth tremendous holistic healing into my life and the lives of others.  Due to the current newspaper headlines of Japan’s nuclear fallout hitting the San Francisco, California shoreline I focused on dedicating our local Tara dance practice on holistic healing from Fukushima Japan’s nuclear fallout effecting the waters of the world, human life, ocean beings, the plant kingdom, etc.

We began the practice with each person giving their name, looking into the mirror with Tara’s reflection, affirming “I am Tara,” and how they were going to personally dedicate their practice session to the healing of the waters via Tara.
This Goddess of three realms includes the underground realm of earth nagas.  (Many who live in water), the human realm and the God realm.  The positive water element qualities according to Lama Tenzin Wangyal are calmness, being comfortable, sensuous, relaxed, peaceful, and flowing.  In spirtual development the water element helps develop wisdom, overcoming jealousy,  and increasing openness. He describes the qualities of a balanced water element as fluidity, ablility to easily navigate around and through events and relationships. “The higher dimension of water is the joy of being contented with being alive not dependent on external things.  In connecting with the water element inner joy manifests outwardly.  We are happy with people we meet, places we go and enjoy life,” he states.
Tara’s aspect as the embodiment of the water element is represened by the blue Vajra family an expression of skillful means.   (Tibetan traditions may vary and someome consider white the color of water element.)  Its Tibetan Mantra or sound is BAM in Buddhist or MAM in Bon tradition.)  Tara “teaches us to transform the distorted energy of wrath and anger into the wisdom of clarity,” stated Sharron Rose (Sacred dancer, Buddhist practioner, and author).
I recently gained understanding from my Nepalese dance teacher and Master Prajwal Ratna Vajracharya the characteristics of a fierce, powerful, and protective Divine Being who removes obstables, subdues evil spirits, and destroys negative thoughts and harmful emotions.  In manifesting the Divine through Sacred dance every movement, mudra, and chant invokes the life force energy to flow though the physical body and into the earth through the feet of the dancer.  I recall the extreme intense power of a surpreme goddess who also possesses great compasion.    Many people are intimidated by a “scary” Divine female Deity whose eyes are flashing and who stamps her feet upon the earth.   The quality is a natural one of a Mother who protects her child from harm at any cost.  However, the Goddess also expresses great joy in bringing liberation and clarity to humans once these human blocks are removed.
My husband (Rigdzin) lead the Guru Yoga meditation to ground the group and merge with the Goddess Tara.  He introduced “TAM” as Tara’s seed syllable and we sang her mantra.  I then lead the short Tara dance of her various qualities.  My Tara Sister, Jill La Batte from Palma Springs, created our water altar which included seashells and Sacred Blessed (by the Dalai Lama) water made with Precious pills from Bhutan that we have been using in our 40 water practice.  We worked with Tara’s energies generated through the dance practice for others, ourselves, and the outer world healing of waters for Japan and “throughout the cosmos.”  Through dance everyone tapped into water’s peaceful, flowing, calm and relaxed and senual aspects.
Our group, including two practioners from Italy, danced and amplified everyone’s strengths supporting each other in this Tara healing of the waters.  Participants said this was an amazing event!
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