Dancing the Divine Feminine in Brasilia, Brazil

Myri Dakini is the Central Coordinator of Tara Dhatu for South America. In the beginning of December 2011 she organized and offered two performances of sacred dance, featuring the Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara. She writes:

It has been ten years since I started  Tara’s Dancing Group in Brasilia.

Through the years, each week I wove together an experience of dance, poetry and music for my students.

Dancing dakinis; Dani, Tete, Myri, Maya





As a celebration of this achievement and in gratitude to our beloved teacher, Prema Dasara,we offered two evening presentations of all the dances that Prema has taught me personally, and the group communally, over the years.

I will attain enlightenment, for the sake of all beings.

Through her guidance and inspiration she gave us the dance as a sacred vehicle of Mother Tara, the Divine Feminine force that turns this great Mandala of Life.


The evening events were sponsored by the Indian Embassy. We had a wonderful audience, including our two precious Lamas. Lama Trinle and Lama Sonam always support and empower our Dance Offerings.

My aspiration was to invite those dancers who are sincere practitioners to bring the Universal Force of the Great Mother through their dance, creating vibrations that reverberate in all beings in all realms.

It was an invitation to all with open hearts to dance this wonderful journey together. It was a wonderful success.

We were lovingly supported by our precious musicians; Ricardo, Abha, Rita, Gabriel e Clarissa.

Prema, gratitude and love to you for all that we have received at your side.

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