Music for Bali Retreat 2013 – Ricardo from Brazil

Ricardo has been playing music for the Brasilia Taras for the past four years. He will be our main musician for the retreat in Bali.

He has written this amazing article….

I have been a professional musician for nearly thirty years, singing and playing guitar and cello. I enjoy participating in many different styles, playing cello in the orchestra of the National Theater of Brasilia, singing in professionals choirs including the Brasilia Madrigal of the University of Brasilia. I also enjoy playing and singing Popular Brazilian Music in nightclubs, restaurants and cafes. I am a published composer and I teach classical and popular music in one of the most respected music schools of Brazil.

But my experience of offering my talents to the universe of Tara is exceptional. Since the first moment of my connection, I felt a deep involvement. The language of music is universal, no matter in what language the piece is written, or culture out of which the music arises. The sensitivity of the listener and the performance of the singer unites when the music expresses the emotion you want to communicate.

The songs that Prema has brought to us are simple melodies. Yet we become sensitized in this universe of melodic and rhythmic simplicity.
The music does not have to be complex to communicate depth. There is no need for hard running rhythms or elaborate melodies. This is a kind of genius, original and innovative, creating music with content, emotion and sensitivity within simplicity.

This music is designed so that everyone can sing and dive into the meditations of Tara. Thus everything becomes more accessible, the singing, dancing, meditations, the enthronement of Tara in the universe of our heart.

My personal connection with the universe of Tara is a perfect progression of my spiritual journey.
As a child I was very involved with the Catholic church. I developed my musical skills singing and playing in hundreds of Masses and I had a deep connection with the feminine God of the Christians, Mother Mary. I was devoted to Her.
 I almost entered the seminary to become a priest.

I was disillusioned with the Catholic church causing me to explore other denominations of Christianity and Shinto Buddhism. I read about all kinds of spiritual paths, eventually making contact with the sacred circle dances. This led me to Myri Dakini.

When she invited me to work with Tara I was taken by pleasant surprise. I liked the idea of praising a Goddess who has many admirable qualities. I was able to touch into my Catholic devotion for Mother Mary. I also was attracted by the fact that one of the manifestations of Tara was green. The vibration of this color  has accompanied me from my childhood.

Truly, I feel full of blessings and gratitude to be able to play and sing,  to meditate, praise and express the qualities of Tara in all Her colors and unique perspectives through these wonderful pieces of music.

Om Tare.

Ricardo Araújo


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