New Circle Dances Tara in Australia

Jenny Swan Raynor has started a new Tara Dance circle after the energizing visit of Prema and Myri to the Daylesford, Australia area last fall.

She writes…. 

We opened our Daylesford Tara Dance down under in March with the Dance of Tara’s 21 Qualities.

We were so inspired after receiving the 21 Taras initiation from Zazep Tulku Rinpoche who was visiting our little hamlet.

A small but happy group met in my new house. Finally we have a place to practice!! There was a gentle shower of rain as we prepared to commence dancing.

We connected our hearts to Prema and the international Tara Dance community as we danced with the DVD, Dance the Goddess.

We look forward to dancing together again in April. Most of us will be going to camp in Kauai. Hope to see you there.

We have  started a Tara Meditation meeting every Monday inspired by Joshua’s Facebook announcements about meditations being offered as downloads on the Tara Dhatu web site.

I have scheduled a Tara Dance meeting in Linda’s Art Studio in Ballarat. Yes, Tara is dancing in Australia!!!

Om Tare!

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