White Tara Dances in New Zealand

It was a superb mellow autumn day at the Chandrakirti Buddhist Centre’s Music Day on 24 March 2013 in Upper Moutere, Nelson, New Zealand.  The sun was shining dazzlingly, a gentle warm breeze wafted across the magnificent grounds and the white garden flowers provided the perfect back drop as eleven beautiful Taras dressed splendidly in white costumes presented the White Tara dance of Peace and Protection.

It was a spiritually uplifting experience for we dancers.  Many people present were moved to tears, touched by the power, beauty, joy and peace that the dance evoked.  The occasion was especially poignant for me.  Two of my daughters were present…. Tamara, who lives locally,  and Francesca,  with her four month old daughter Arya visiting from England.  Arya, my first grandchild, is a beautiful, life giving reminder of those lines in the dance sadhana, “I Pray That You Come Arya Tara”.

My heartfelt thanks and ongoing gratitude go to Catherine Callaghan our teacher who guides and nurtures us in our Tara dancing journey.

Om Tare Tutare Ture Svaha.

Judy Crowe

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