Tara Dances at Nouveau Devadasi Fusion Dance Festival

Pia Hagan graduated to Level 3 Tara Dhatu Student Teacher this year at our Kauai Camp. She has been developing a circle of Tara Dancers in Pacifica, California and had the opportunity to join sacred dancers of the Bay Area in a festival called Nouveau Devadasi: Fusion Temple Dance. Pia writes…….

What a wild ride! Life is a creative adventure for sure! Kauai Camp this year had us dancing with two hurricanes threatening to hit the islands and forcing us to let go of expectations & plans. Day by day everyone adapted with such grace. It was especially challenging for us, the kitchen crew. But we managed just fine.

Then Prema dropped a little surprise in my lap…..not only would I be the head cook but I would be leading the Dance Mandala for the Offering at the end of the week. I didn’t think I could do it, but I had the most amazing support and grew by leaps and bounds.

Back home in Pacifica,  Prema had received an invitation to offer a session at the Nouveau Devadasi Festival. She was unable to attend and had asked professional dancer Jade to fill in for her, but Jade had a sudden change in plans and they both asked me to do this. I went through all kinds of fears of  not being a good enough “dancer” for this.

I knew it was a great opportunity for the Tara Dance practice to be represented at this gathering! And so once again I was given the opportunity to move away from my self-obsessed feelings of inadequacy and turn towards inter- connection.

The weekend workshop started with all of the teachers offering a dance performance each in their own style.

It was amazing to watch what the teachers had to offer. Their technique was inspiring, their elaborate costumes exquisite, the dedication and the quality of the dancers was amazing to witness. There were demonstrations of Balinese Temple Dance, Charya – the Deity Dance of Nepal,  Oddisi – an exquisite style of Classical Indian Dance, and a number of Fusion Belly dancers.

Fusion is very popular at this time in the Bay Area. Combining new and modern dance movements with traditional techniques and teachings, it is exciting and beautiful to witness.

Then it was my turn. I had danced Gold Tara Dakini at camp and decided to further develop this piece. The announcer introduced me, “This is not a formal dance from any tradition. This is Pia’s interpretation of her relationship with  the Gold Dakini of the Jewel Family, who transforms arrogance and greed into the exalted state of supreme generosity”.

Sunday was my time to teach and I was welcomed to class by a beautiful group of fifteen women who had been dancing for the four previous days of the workshop.  With this group of advanced dancers I knew I had to focus on the practice and the lineage. We did some free dancing and then I had everyone sit or lay down and I put on the recording of the Three Lights Empowerment. I felt a shift in the room as a  direct link to Prema was forged and Tara appeared!

We then set our intention by going around the circle saying “ I am Tara my name is ……. I dedicate the power of this practice to………“ So many heart felt intentions, many focusing on the way woman are still mistreated on this planet and hope for healing these deep wounds .

We then danced the Dance of Tara’s qualities sending our light into the world. It was a precious experience, sharing what is so dear to me with these wonderful dancers.  I feel very fortunate to have been able to develop  a relationship with a Teacher surrounded by the support of a community of sincere practitioners within the living lineage of  Tara Dhatu.

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