Tara Dhatu’s Wealth Vase


Tara Dhatu has the good fortune of maintaining a “Wealth Vase” in the Kathmandu Valley. The Tibetans have a ritual of assembling precious objects and sacred substances and sealing them in a vase under the blessings of Dzambala (Kubera in Sanskrit). Each year these vases are taken out, elaborate offerings and prayers are made to attract the abundance needed for the organization to continue it’s mission.Andrea Abinanti, one of our senior¬†teachers and a long time resident of the Valley oversees this for us and we make a donation every year to participate in this blessing. She also organizes prayers of long life and well being at the end of the year and we have made it a custom to invite our members to submit names of people who need healing or who have recently died. We collect offerings and Andrea and friends have the Swayumbu Stupa painted and decorated on new year’s day.

Here are some pictures of the Dzambala Puja.

A palace of offerings is built out of precious things.

The Wealth Vases being consecrated

Dzambala, holding a mongoose who is spitting up jewels and wealth

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