Tara is Dancing in Belo Horizonte

Myri Dakini and Sayane

Sayane is a new, Level One Facilitator of the Tara Dhatu Educational Program South America. She invited MyriDakini, the Director of TDSA,  to share the path of Tara in Belo Horizonte, a Brazilian city south of Myri’s residence in Brasilia.

Sayane writes…..

The teachings I received from the workshop with Myri in Belo Horizonte began when I decided to do it. I did not know what to expect since it is not the city where I live. I knew there were several different Buddhist centers in Belo Horizonte and I felt called to put this together.

The Friday introduction found us with few people because there was heavy rain. Even with this shy beginning we experienced the huge, compassionate heart of Myri that brought us the beauty, the enchantment and the beautiful commitment of Buddha Tara to be reborn as a woman until everyone was free. The dances that Myri introduced us to were a profound empowerment. There was so much love, compassion and pure motivation it did not matter if we were five or fifty people and I was very touched by this realization.

Saturday more participants joined us. One of the dancers had been with Myri in the past and was so happy to have another opportunity to dance Tara. As we danced I could see the enchantment in everyone’s face. Beautiful words arose in my heart to describe the preciousness of each moment!! It was a beautiful day full of joy and gratitude!!

The dancers of Belo Horizonte

On Sunday we danced White Tara and the Six Shields. As the dance ended in that powerful embrace, dissolving all our ideas of separation into rainbow light, it sealed the weekend of new friendships, learning and empowerment.

Then, to our delight, Myri danced for us the Eight Precious Offerings. We were practicing in the Chagdud Dharma Center and it was lovely to see the beautiful photo of Chagdud smiling, receiving the offering of Myri’s dance and a shower of blessings covered her and all of us!

I learned so much more than just dance. The many mudra details and rhythm were difficult to realize, but the most important aspect of this connection was learning how to transmit the greatness of this work, to deal with the different views of those participating and above all to see them as people who want to be happy, like me!!

I am very grateful to Myri for her wonderful availability, openness and flexibility to face any difficulties. She helped to strengthen my connection to Tara and to this wonderful method of practice.

Om Tare,

Sayane Martins

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