Offering Tara’s Mandala Dance in Phoenix To Geshe Jampa

Parvati ‘s dynamic Phoenix Tara circle offered a powerful Mandala Dance of Tara in Phoenix in November. She writes….

It was a beautiful week-end, juicy and powerful.  Things were so full. There was a special quality of devotion and joy. We held the workshop and offering at the Emaho Dharma Center in Scottsdale which is under the direction of Zachoeje Rinpoche.

Torma for Tara

We were blessed and delighted to have Geshe Jampa Khechok hosting us, encouraging us, and blessing us at the offering on Sunday. He chanted the 21 Praises of Tara in Tibetan for us. He also chanted the Prajnaparamita, keeping cadence with his small, two sided drum.

He created a beautiful torma to Tara for the shrine and beamed his support throughout the offering.

Mataji and students

The event was further enriched by Sister Mattaji of the Ramakrishna Vedanta Ashram sharing powerful chants in honor of Divine Mother.

Elizabeth Drolkar

Drolkar Elizabeth Breck led the dancers in performing a dance and chant she created to the long life mantra  of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

The evening was sealed by Dances of Universal Peace.  The full house audience joined the dance. Yamuna Devi led a Ganga-ki Jai Dance which includes in the mantra chant invocations to  the Trivani and Saraswati rivers.  Geshe-la got really excited about that and told everyone about Saraswati and how she was the same in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions.  He clapped and sang along with us.

We were reluctant to part ways at the end of the night. Several members of the Emaho sangha had joined us in our mandala.  Young Sydney, who has been dancing Tara with us since she was 11 years old, joined us in the fullness of her teenage blossom.  Her boyfriend, Cody, danced as a protector.



Ivy, from Madison, Wisconsin, Level 2 Taradhatu Student Teacher


Ivy flew down from Madison, Wisconsin.

My mother, Amina, led the Protectors!

So much beauty and strength, courage and joy.


Thank you, Prema for the practice!

Thank you Anahata for the music!

Thank you Mother Tara.




May all Beings Be Happy and Free!

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