Second Turning of Tara’s Dancing Mandala in Cincinnati, Ohio

Nita-Rose, one of our newest facilitators in the Tara Dhatu Student Teacher Program has been developing an active circle in Cincinnati. Here is her report and a few photos of her second meeting on November 21st.

I want to thank you deeply for allowing me to facilitate this wonderful Tara Dance you have manifested.  I get so much joy out of the sharing of it – especially now that I am trusting the process and no longer resisting the flow.

Leading the dance, it was so much easier and accessible because I was able to relax and listen to your advice.  I trusted in the power of the Dance to deliver … and it did.  It was rewarding to feel the ease of it all coming together so beautifully and to release the ego-driven, over achieving place of tension.

There is something tender and magical about the women that show up…. to be part of that is lovely.

Stlll trying to remember to take  photo’s!  Husband Larry took the first photo of the evening before we began and just as everyone was arriving and setting in … so not all the ladies are in the photo.

It was one of the young girl’s birthday so I had a cake for her for afterwards. It was quite nice to have everyone stay and enjoy tea and cake.  How special it is to share food with the community of friends.

I am preparing for the next Tara Dance meeting on Dec. 21st.

I spent today listening to the CD’s of the Brazil retreat that you graciously allowed me to purchase from Myri Dakini

I have loved every pearl of wisdom you have shared and am enjoying the beautiful unfolding of the practice in the way you present it.

I just had to pause in my listening to send this e-mail of gratitude.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

I am planning on being present when you come to Michigan and am looking  forward to dancing with you again now that I have had some time to integrate it all.

Ahhh … I am going back now to listening … and enjoying the wonderful Dharma you share.  I am so grateful that each line you say is having to be translated … because it gives me time to pause and be with what you have just said …and really listen and allow what you are saying to sink down deep … hmmmmmm such heavenly bliss.  I thank my Teacher for having led me to you.  I feel so blessed by this incredibly journey.

Love, love


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