Offerings for Prosperity in Kathmandu

Temple Offerings

Every year a dear friend and Tara Dance Teacher, Andrea Abinanti, makes offerings for her friends, family and has included Tara Dhatu in the opportunity. Andrea has lived in the Kathmandu Valley for over 25 years, We send her a modest donation. She sent us this letter…..

I received the money for the puja offerings…thanks so much!!! Yesterday, which was full moon, I made offerings on behalf of all of the members of Tara Dhatu. I offered a Tara Puja and 108 lamps in Pharping at the Self-arising Tara Temple on the Tibetan 8th (every month the 8th day, counted from New Moon, is considered auspicious to engage in Tara Practice). Together with some friends we made offerings towards the Nechung puja . We offered a long-life mandala to Druptop Rinpoche, and made offerings to the lineage lamas and to all of the monks and helpers.

Druptop Rinpoche

Our prayer is that the monetary and material wealth of all beings increase.
May the spiritual wealth, the wealth of happiness and joy, of peace and harmony increase.
We especially prayed for stability in Nepal, and for the rest of the world.

We also contributed to Christmas and New Year’s pujas. On Christmas morning the Medicine Buddha puja is performed and on the 26th the Namgyalma Long-life puja and initiation with a thousand offerings is presided over by Dhrubthop Rinpoche. On January 1st the Swayambhu Stupa was painted and a

Painting the Swayambu Stupa

1000 butter lamps lit. On the 26th, during the Namgyal-ma puja, the names of the sponsors, family and friends were read including the staff and membership of Tara Dhatu.

It is precious that we can all make these offerings together and I truly pray that the work of Tara Dhatu continue without hindrance. Andrea.

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