Shahodat from St.Petersburg, Sponsored

Shahodat Golomuz, our Tara Dhatu Student Teacher in St. Petersburg, Russia has been gifted the funds by family and friends to come to our Kauai Camp. A couple of weeks ago I put out an appeal to our International List and a sponsor appeared immediately to cover the rest of her camp fees. The Tara group in Perm – remember our lovely Lubyov who runs the Tara Circle there attending camp last year? – they raised some money to help with the airfare and the Tara Circle in St. Petersburg and Shahodat’s family helped with the rest.

The group from Perm. In the back from left to right....Lubyov is the third, and on her right is Nina who also accompanied her to Kauai last year.

Shahodat is originally from Uzbekisthan. She was one of five Russians that we brought with us on pilgrimage in 2001 to India and Nepal to dance of the Tibetans. We had originally raised the money for only four Russians but the women decided that another of their members needed to come so instead of flying from St. Petersburg, they took a train to Uzbekistan and got a local flight. They told us the extra Russian Tara would sleep in one of their beds and eat off one of their plates. We made the necessary adjustments.

Dancing at Sherab Ling in north India for His Eminence Tai Situ Rinpoche and monastery on Vijaya Dasami. The monastery was celebrating a conference of all the political and social leaders of Himachal Pradesh. Our offering was the final blessing. We had 90 dancers and musicians, 20 of them were Tibetan women from Dharmasala. Five were from Russia. One of them was Shahodat.

Shahodat has been leading the Dances of Universal Peace in St. Petersburg for years. Anahata and I stayed with her family twice when we visited Russia to teach.

Her daughter Zhenya lives in London and has translated my book, “Dancing Tara: A Manual of Practice” into Russian. We will eventually have it available on the web for download.

I do hope you come to camp and have a chance to make Shahodat feel welcome.

And thank you, donors, for making this dream come true for her.

Om Tare!!!

Zhenya Golomuz

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