Prema & Myri Dance and Play in the Bay Area

Our last mainland stop was in the Bay Area of San Francisco. Myri had never been to California and the Taras in the Bay Area were excited to share some of our favorite places with her. There is a growing circle of Taras stretching up and down the coast and many were excited to engage in a weekend workshop at Shell Dance in Pacifica.

Our entry was a little rough as we were stranded at the Portland airport and had to bully our way through airport management to get a flight in order to arrive for our first event. Myri taught a class of the 16 Offering Goddesses in Oakland, organized by Jacquelyn. It was a kind of debut for her, teaching to a USA group of students and she did superbly. She now feels confident during those long flights back to Brazil from Maui, to stop off and teach a class or two.

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California Fun


We had such a great time!

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