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Tara Dance Retreat in Brasilia 2013

Tara Dhatu Student Teachers in South America

By Myri Dakini Naves – Assistant Director, Tara Dhatu Educational Programs, South America

Our vision of the flowering of Tara’s Dance in South America manifested fully this May at our annual retreat in Paraiso Na Terra. Precious and nourishing, each year Prema leads us deeper on the path with inspired guidance. With her wisdom and magnetism, she welcomed 64 participants at all levels of experience.

Cultivating a loving heart we look in all directions, wishing the best to all beings!  Mother Tara, in her great generosity, holds us in Her love and gives us everything we need to learn and grow!

The managers of the Retreat Center treasure our presence there every year. The bridges on the long walk from the practice hall to the dining area were rebuilt and the grounds were manicured to perfection. The waterfalls and pools were refreshing. And always before us the temple calls. Everyday we processioned there, chanting in the powerful acoustics of the marble and glass room and meditating on the sun warmed steps as the sun set over the rolling hills before us.

It is always so exciting to meet women from all over Brazil. Every year our scope becomes more international. This year we had seven dancers from Chile, five from Argentina and five from Russia. We Brazilians had our wonderful Portuguese translator, Maya, The Spanish ladies clustered around Natalia and Vera, the Russians around Anastasi. Prema’s talks this year were inspired and exciting.

We had the blessing of our sister moon being full and we prepared our offering in two full mandalas. As always, offering the mandala is an ecstatic and empowering experience.

With faith and in surrender, we send our light into the world. With love and the sincere motivation to manifest enlightened mind, we enter and walk the golden spiral into the center, with Tara and each other.  We open ourselves to the mystery and wonder of our natural essence. We celebrate the opportunity of this sense of commitment and dedication, as Tara Dhatu South America grows.

Tara Dhatu Student Teachers in South America

By Myri Dakini Naves – Assistant Director, Tara Dhatu Educational Programs, South America

We have fifty-nine Tara Dhatu Student Teachers through out South America. This year we developed a ritual of commitment that was very powerful. Each one of our student teachers renewed their commitment with Prema in the center of our circle of Taras, chanting and supporting them.

Prema graduated three of our wonderful Student Teachers to Level 2,

Dani from Brasilia

Maya from Brasilia

Vera from Chile.

She also welcomed a number of dancers new to the program, several starting new circles of dance in their area.

From Natal, we have Ana Tânia starting a new circle in the wake of our weekend of teaching there.

In Fortaleza we have Ir. Flores, Margarida Pimentel, and Vera Miranda who have joined with Rosangela to further develop a circle in that area

From Aracaju we have Silvia Anjos, preparing to start a new circle

From Recife we have Stella Telles and Márcia Meira Basto, joining Albania and Katya in developing a circle that has been going for a number of years now.

From Brasília we have Maria Amélia Barbosa Bezerra and Debora Iwazaki joining Myri Dakini’s circle, with Dani, Maya and Gisele.

From Porto Alegre we have Edithe Tremea and Grazielle de Oliveira

From Chile we have Camila Cabrera, Raquel Bárquez and Maria Jose who will be helping Vera who has done an amazing job of developing a network of circles in Chile. Vera is expecting a baby so these new helpers will be very important in keeping the Tara wheel turning.

Of the five Russians who came, Lyubov from Perm renewed her commitment and is preparing to enter Level 2. Her companions from Perm requested entry into the program and are in the process of signing up. Anastasi has promised to enter the program and start a circle in Moscow, where she lives. They are all determined to get the Tara Dance material translated into Russian, including Prema’s book.

By our sincere efforts may the blessings of the Great Mother help us all to awaken into the fullness of our human potential that we may be ourselves a light and a blessing to the world.

Om Tare!!!

 Tara’s Mandala in Rio de Janeiro

Isabel Azevedo – Bel to her friends – is a Level 4 Mentor in Tara Dhatu’s Student Teacher Program. She and her children moved to the far south of Brazil some time ago,  and recently returned to live in Rio…..she writes…….

Coming back to Rio de Janeiro after four years in Rio Grande do Sul, I was gifted in the first meeting of Tara’s Mandala with the presence of almost all my beloved students and colleagues from the past. My dear friends brought some new dancers. Maria Aché came with her wonderful energy, broadening our dance experience.

Our meetings  have been empowering and magnetic. At each meeting I see the unfolding, with new people, new dreams. We support and strengthen each other. I share the dances, they offer their love, hearts open.

The group demonstrated a wonderful maturity, so I felt encouraged to do a Tara Dance immersion on July 21. Throughout the day we concentrated on Tara’s Mandala Dance studying profoundly the eight first aspects of Tara’s 21 Praises, dancing for each other. It was an amazing experience and the meditative state stayed with us for many days.

We are now preparing to offer Tara’s Mandala of Spring. This tradition has been maintained in Rio for several years. It is a time of flowers, crowns, saris, audience and mainly love. As said by the poet: “When September comes, good news walks through the fields….” (Remember, Brazil is “down under”. Their spring is our fall. ed.)

May Tara’s Mandala continue to dance us,

With Love,  Isabel Azevedo

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