Prema – On the Road

How glorious to be out and about sharing Tara through dharma and dance. WOW….what a lucky grrrrl am I.   I had the most magnificent send off from the Maui Taras the night before my first flight. Dance and dharma, potent sharing.

A goodbye breakfast with some of my dear maui family, L-R Ane, Aerie, Kachina, Gina, Dechen

Monday morning, practice on Aerie’s lanai with whales leaping in the distance, followed by a dynamic swim through ocean waves and an easy run to town, meeting the “kids” (Josh and David have been joined by Louisiana sidekick, Rebecca) and a flight so smooth I was forty-five minutes early to the Oakland airport.




"the Kidz" Josh, David and Rebecca

On the plane I read my dear friend Candy’s sad email about having to cancel the weekend at her home in Pacific Grove due to an extreme family situation.Barbara Patton picked me up and delivered 15 copies of the DVD she and her squeeze have been editing, “The Dance of White Tara and the 6 Shields –  Instructional”. They did a superb job and this DVD is now available to our Student Teachers to refine their ability to share this profound practice. Contact to order your copy….

Pia received me graciously at her home in Pacifica, and for the next week was my champion, taking sweet care of my every need. Tuesday we visited with Colista, an old friend of hers, a magnificent artist of life and collector of art….what a joy it was wandering through her well adorned home.

Pia and friend Colista

A house filled with art


Then we took a sweet walk along the coast….I love the California Coast, the smell so familiar, the incredible beauty of the cliffs and the rolling sea. Wednesday night we danced Tara at Shell Dance, the marvelous orchid nursery and artistic expression of Nancy.

Walking along the California Coast

Thursday night Barbara, Pia and I drove to Santa Cruz to support the new circle of Adora and Raga. It was a dynamic circle of new friends and old. We had a roaring good time.

Prema Dharma Ranting in Santa Cruz

Friday I offered a private performance for Nancy and Pia, giving me a chance to dance my new Kurukulle performance piece and giving Nancy a chance to get poses for the 16 Offering Goddess Dance… was quite a dynamic time we had together. Her orchids were exuding their magnificent sweet presence. Surrounded by such beauty was truly inspiring. I offered a similar program that I was expecting to offer at Candy’s…..Friday night, Shivarathri, dark night of the mind. We started by purifying the year with Vajrasattva and invoking protection with Dukkar, the thousand armed umbrella goddess. It was powerful, just the three of us, dedicating our prayers to an easy resolution to Candy’s challenge.

Prema, performing in Shell Dance

Saturday Pia and I decided to play, so we went to one of my favorite spots in the Bay Area, the Japanese Tea Garden. I so admire the way the Japanese sculpt their gardens. We spent several happy hours there and then treated ourselves to a  Georgia O’Keefe exhibition of paintings at the De Jong museum. What a magnificently inspiring day.
I topped it off by visiting with our beloved Siobhan of One Mama, catching up on her news and aspirations.

Siobhan on her balcony overlooking San Francisco....see the rainbow just above her hand....


Siobhan dresses Prema for a stroll in the park

When I knew that the weekend at Pacific Grove was cancelled I called Lama Kunga up to ask him if I could come and dance for him. Amazingly he answered the phone and enthusiastically invited us to come Sunday afternoon. Pia and I met Jacquelyn and Rigdzin and friend at Lama Kunga’s gorgeous dharma center in the Berkeley hills.

It was a precious experience. We started with Motivation and Shantideva. Lama-la kept his hands in Namaste mudra at his heart and was smiling like a thousand suns.

I then danced Kurukulle for him. Pia and I danced Gold Tara, which was taken from a Sadhana he had given us. Since it was Losar we had to go to his table and have tea and Tibetan fried bread. So auspicious to dance for Lama-la on Losar.

Monday afternoon was Jade’s. We went to her Berkeley apartment where she has been developing her living room as a healing dance temple. We had a lovely gathering of diverse friends, new ones and ones that I had not seen in years. Always a joy to see who Tara draws close



Tara Dancing at the Jade Temple. Jade is just in front of Prema
with hands in Tara’s mudras

Tuesday it was off to Phoenix…..another set of magnificent beloveds awaiting me.









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