The Masks Came Out To Play in Kauai

The Masks come out to play!

Sherry Harris is a student in the Tara Dhatu Education Program and a long time Tara Dancer and friend. Despite her long hours as a nurse in the Kauai Hospital she still manages to help in so many ways during our August Retreat on the North Shore. The Kauai circle is active in it’s sharing of the Tara Dance.

Here is one more lovely event that Sherry reports…..

Aloha, Dear Prema.

Beautiful offering alter at Golden Lotus with Sky and Mama’s ashes

What a fabulous treat for Kauai Taras on Sunday 3/9/14 when Janice Walrafen landed on Kauai!

Eana and Janice put together a public offering at Eana’s ‘Golden Lotus in Kapa’a and besties Isa Marie and Janice came up with a beautiful “feeling” word for each of the qualities. We gathered and connected and brought out the Masks that Janice helped us all to create in 2009.

The rock of Kauai Taras, Trishana! She lifts us up and pours down upon us!!!!

For me, it was like meeting up with dear, dear friends. Seeing the masks displayed like that was so powerful. Reading the prayer, the quality and the artist on the inner surface brought years of Tara sisters to mind and the evolution of the dance and of the dancers. It was profound. We only danced Refuge and Bodhicitta in a mask to give the audience (and ourselves) a taste of that meditation and then we danced the long version of the Mandala of the 21 Praises of Tara to Trishana’s incredible keyboard playing and sweet and masterful voice as well as the amazingly intuitive, watchfully focused Isa Marie’s Drumbeat!

Isa Marie welcoming Karie from Oregon, with MaryMalia .

Oh, what a day. Seeing Eana dance, so full of life and connectivity was a Blessing, coming out to glimpse the outer world from her inner journey of loss and survival. A 1st time dancer and friend of Thaye Rinpochet, from Ashland, Oregon, Karie, was remarkable in her presence and her prayers. I am so grateful someone worked my shift for me, for this kind of gathering is what keeps my heart open, keeps me connected to my path, reminds me of who I really am.

Invincible, open-hearted Janice Walrafen welcoming each and everyone to Tara Offering.


Much love to you, as always you are in my prayers,


Sherry Harris  


Lucky us who live Kauai. Lucky us who were fortunate to have JaniceTara enrich our lives!

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