Sacred Dance In the Water in Barcelona

Elena Lopez Sans is a Tara Dhatu Student Teacher who lives in Brooklyn, New York. Her birthplace is Barcelona, Spain and she travels there every year to be with family and friends. This year she had a special Tara Dance encounter.

She writes…


Last year I joined the Global Water Dance Day in New York at the Hudson River. Dancers and choreographers from around the world offered their dances to heal and bless the waters of our planet.

This year  some of  my  yoga  students from New York accompanied me to Spain. We stayed in the beautiful city of Barcelona and the lovely town of Sitges. We lived in a house facing the Mediterranean sea where we could do our yoga practice in the morning and meditation at night. We enjoyed our food and chats in the warmth of the last days of spring.

The day of the Global Water Dances I decided to offer the Dance of the Tara’s Qualities in the water.  On the top of the roof at the house there was a pool facing the sea.  When my friends, the Tara dancers of Barcelona who have danced with me for the past few years, came to Sitges we danced Tara in the water. It was a very special experience.

Dancing in the water while looking out at the sea made a powerful connection with the water element. We had the sense that we were transmitting positive energy thru our movements and chants. I was so inspired that the rest of the summer I offered the Dance of Tara’s Qualities at different locations in the water. May the blessings of the Great Mother Tara heal and purify the element of water in our bodies and in our world.


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