Tara Dances in Austin, Texas

HeatherAsh & Sarah

Austin is a town in Texas with attitude. One arrives at the airport and blasting forth is a sign declaring Austin the music capitol of the world. My workshop happened to be during a popular music festival, South by Southwest. The city was packed to bursting with attendees, making the logistics of getting around, and eating out require expert strategizing by our most excellent Student Teachers Kathryn Henderson and Anjali Maazel.




Kathryn & Anjali

Our workshop was held in the gorgeous temple studio of Sumi Komo. It was a special treat to get to know Sumi and her husband Tom since I was also staying in a room in their adjacent home. Sumi and I especially connected over an aspiration that she has to create dances to the 33 Compassions of Quan Yin. Very exciting.





Music in the Park

The day before my classes began Anjali had arranged for me to meet HeatherAsh and a close friend of Heather’s, Sarah. These dynamic ladies teach different spiritual modalities. HeatherAsh specializes in Toltec wisdom and it was a lively afternoon of discussion and mutual admiration.





Austin Cafe with Attitude

The next morning we took a walk in the park giggling over some plastic, obscene looking sculptural additions to some fencing that made noise when you stroked and beat on them. Wild.






Dancing Kurukulle in Sumi's studio

The Friday night workshop was dynamic, hosting close to 40 dancing bodies. The weekend unfolded exquisitely with magical moments of inspiration and joyful sharing.







The Tibetan Buddhist Center

Monday, Anjali took me to meet Lama Lobtsul who oversees a magnificent Tibetan Buddhist Shrine. I had offered to dance for him, and was delighted that this took place before an enormous statue of Guru Rinpoche. The Lama enjoyed the dance and has invited us to bring the dance to his center in the future.






Sumi Komo was also excited about the idea of us offering the Mandala Dance in full costume in her beautiful studio temple.





The Tara wheel turns in Austin, giving this eccentric little city something else to be proud of.





Om Tare.

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