Tara Dancing in Uruguay – Photo Essay

The Dancing Ladies of Montevideo

Uruguay, a southern neighbor of Brazil, is the second smallest nation in South America, with a highly educated population of 3 million people. Three enormous rivers flow through the country, with a long Atlantic coast. There are many beaches and miles of sea walks. The country is a patchwork of small family farms.

Myri and Prema were invited to visit Montevideo to share Tara’s Dance and to meet some of the lovely dancing ladies of the city. They were prompted to visit when Myri reconnected with Alicia who had been her best friend in the 80’s. They had lost touch and had no contact for 20 years. Alicia, a resident of her native Uruguay, “found” Myri on the internet and in the joy of their reunion decided to bring Tara to her city. They stayed at Gianelli’s farm house and offered a weekend workshop for some of the local ladies. Prema assembled a Photo Essay. Enjoy!


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