Tara Dancing in New Zealand by Marlene Butler

Marlene Butler started facilitating the Tara Dance circle in Napier, New Zealand at the request of Clare who was going into retreat for six months. Marlene’s enthusiasm and diligence has been admirable. She was invited to bring the dance to Hastings city, so she offered a one day workshop on the dance at a local school.

She reports….

The aim of the workshop was to immerse in the blessings of long life and good health, stories, meditation, movement, and group sharing through the Dance of Tara.

We started the workshop by exploring the Prayer of Motivation. Participants were invited to go alone in nature to contemplate “I am here to manifest the wisdom that rests within.” It was a provocative experience. Most hadn’t thought of defining the wisdom within or even connecting with it.

Some comments…..

“I need to use my wisdom in everyday life, with everything I do I am actually calling upon my wisdom and experience. I hadn’t thought about it in this way before.”

“I didn’t really know what wisdom was or how I even used it, if I even used it. Good to look at it in this way.”

“I can now see the value in invoking this in my life ,to dance this regularly in group practice and as an individual.”

After sharing the Dance of White Tara some comments from participants;;;;;

“I love the beauty of the dance, connecting with the energy, the healing of all sentient beings and the sacred acknowledgement of the planet.”

“I felt the energies connect within me which felt like coming home to something special and sacred within.”

The day of the workshop was the 32nd anniversary of the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl. We set our intention to dance for the neutralizing and harmonising of the effects of radiation throughout the planet.

In the afternoon we focused on the 21 Qualities of Tara Dance. I invited the women to draw a number from 1-21, each number aligning to that particular quality of Tara. The women felt this was especially poignant. They are motivated to learn more and felt fulfilled by their participation in the workshop.

I suggested to the women to write a testimonial based on their day’s experience….

“I loved our Tara dancing day on Saturday. Thank you Marlene for facilitating…. I especially liked picking a number and hearing about the attributes and teachings of “our” Tara. I look forward to Tara dancing with other like minded souls!”

Thank you, With love,

“…. I enjoyed being in the beautiful energy and with the lovely ladies. It was good to learn more about Tara and the Tara Dance….The meditation was lovely, and the discussions were much appreciated. It has taken me a few days to process the wonderful energy we were blessed with. During the dance, I shed tears…It was the touching of my heart in the dance that set them flowing …”

Love and thoughts


“…I especially enjoyed and appreciated enough information without getting too technical ….The group participation, exploring our beliefs in a non judgemental, sharing environment was an expanding experience. Marlene’s ability to facilitate with her wealth of experience is invaluable. Her enthusiasm for Tara Dancing is palpable and she imparted this…..”

with appreciation,

Ngaire Duncan

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