Tara is Dancing 11-11-11

Prema and the Maui Tara Dancers have been  honored to participate in  the 1st Maui Spiritual Congress being held on 11-11-11 at  the Sacred Earth Temple in Haiku, Maui (and around the world via live global  webcast).

The Tara Dancers of South Island, New Zealand will be dancing at Golden Bay and Myri Dakini, Central Coordinator of the Brazilian Taras will be leading mantra dancing in the morning.

May All Beings Be Blessed By Tara

The One Who Blazes With Glory





On 11-11-11, circles of open-hearted light beings who love our Mother Earth will

gather on the north shore of Maui and around the world to affirm our common

humanity and to plant the seeds of inner and outer peace.


Our intention is to help unify the global community by inviting people of all

faiths to co-create a Portal of Universal Love with silent meditation and

harmonic toning.


The power of collective prayer for the welfare of all sentient beings will be

focused through visualization at 11:11 am and 11:11 pm and sent out in all

directions to activate the forces of Love, Harmony, and Peace on our planet.


The collective ceremony will be a part of a full day of peace programming,

including medicine wheel prayers, kirtan, group meditation and yoga, chanting

for peace, sacred dance, individual dharma talks, and panel discussions with

teachers from many different spiritual perspectives.


After the Universal Peace Prayer, we will celebrate the gift of Life in deep

gratitude with music and dance. A live webcast from the Sacred Earth on Maui,

will unify participants around the world in simultaneous prayers for peace.

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