Dancing for Amnyi Trulchung Rinpoche

Catherine Callaghan is our Tara Dhatu Student Teacher in the South Island of New Zealand. She has been working with a group of women who offered the Mandala of Tara at the Nyingmapa Center near Nelson. She writes….

We were all warmly welcomed and received on Saturday by Amnyi Trulchung Rinpoche. Even though we were a small group on this occasion, we were fully connected and danced with power.  Rinpoche told us repeatedly what a beautiful, meditative dance it was, and invited us to offer it again at the dharma center’s coming Open Day to the Public in November.  

He commented that this moving meditation on Divine Mother Tara was truly valuable as our minds and bodies must be fully aligned every moment. A dancer cannot fall asleep or nod off which so often occurs while in seated meditation. He fully appreciated what we are doing and is very encouraging of our practice.

He told us the most amazing true story illustrating the power of calling on Tara in times of need.

In 1959, during the Chinese invasion of Tibet, a woman from a royal family was captured and taken away to enemy headquarters.  She found herself one day beside a long bridge. On the other side of the bridge was her beloved Tibet and freedom. But there were Chinese soldiers everywhere. There was no way that she could cross the bridge without them seeing her.

She had a very strong faith and belief in Tara.  She prayed to Her, to assist her in some way to cross the bridge.  After some time passed, she found herself on the other side of the bridge, back in her own country. The only thing that was seen blowing across the bridge that day was a piece of white paper!!!!


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