Hosting the Relics in North Carolina


Mekare Fiske, a 3rd Level Tara Dhatu Teacher, has been leading the Tara Dance in her home area of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, for many years. She organized a visit from the Maitreya Project’s  Heart  Shrine Relic Tour.  The Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition has been traveling throughout the world with precious relics from Buddhist masters     Mekare writes…..

The gallery front was draped with Tara Saris.  Mary Martin Niepold, former editor of Tricycle Magazine, spoke at the opening followed by a nun from the Kadampa Center and a surprise appearance by a theravada monk from a temple south of Winston-Salem., I led the seated crowd in the arm movements of the Tara Mantra. Dr. Jack Noffsinger, 93 years old, retired minister, revered elder of this city, spoke. Everyone lined up to enter the shrine room.  Over 100 people were at the opening ceremony. I am in awe of the magnetic power of the relics.

Mekare sent a second report

How AMAZING the weekend was!


Over 1,000 people came!!!!

People came into my arms dissolving in tears thanking me for bringing the relics.

Every time I turned around there was someone else who wanted me to hold them.

One woman just melted my heart when she said, through shining tears, “you brought my teacher back to me”.

Rocking Bear, Cherokee elder, and his wife Zoe, a profound medicine woman, were in town giving teachings and pipe ceremony, and they came… that was SO beautiful.

Master Zhou, the beloved chi gong master, came with his family and that was SO beautiful.

Dr. Jack, at 93, circumambulating the shrine!!  SO beautiful.

The wisdom elders of this community meeting the masters of the relics….. ahhhhhhhhh!!

And each other!!

People came from Canada, New York, DC, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Georgia…. and on and on and on.

over $7000 was donated to the Maitreya Project !!!!!

Such immense joy  I felt. The tears  flowed down my face as I watched so many of the people of this community that I love and all the many more who were new friends, come into the Shrine Room. It was so profound.



I am sooooooo thankful I asked them to come and they said yes.

I am sooooooo thankful for everything that led me to this moment that I could facilitate such a weekend.

I am sooooooo thankful for Tara

I am sooooooo thankful





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