Tara Is Dancing in Australia

Felicity Oswell is a Level 4 Tara Dhatu Mentor and has been leading circles in Australia and Japan for many years.

She reports…..

The group in Sydney has gone through a rebirth since Anahata’s visit in March and Prema and Myri’s visit in November of 2012. These two events plus the completion of Karen’s new home means that we are able to have a stable place for the Tara dancers to have regular meetings. In this way we have been able to access new women interested in joining us.

Karen Weiss and Katrina Simmons have been a wonderful support for me in the organizational side of managing the group, running the meetings in my absence. Their skills, knowledge and experience has grown and blossomed over the past few years as they gain more confidence. 

In April 2013, we held a workshop in the Blue Mountains to which a few dedicated women attended and the beginnings of a small group in the Blue Mountains has been seeded.

Katrina Simmons wrote about the most recent September retreat in the Blue Mountains….

The Kindlehill Steiner school in the beautiful Blue Mountains two hours west of Sydney provided a wonderful nurturing space for our annual Tara retreat. Our focus  was going deeper into praises eight, nine, and ten, from destroying negativity, moving into true refuge and emerging with joy and laughter.

Felicity inspired and led 14 of us, including 4 new Tara dancers from the Blue Mountains, in the details of the long mandala. We explored each of the praises in depth through meditation, free movement dancing, moving sculptures and re-enacting scenarios of Joy! Felicity led a beautiful “ green meditation “ outdoors on the green law overlooking  trees and hillsides. We all emerged with a peaceful connection to the earth. We were nurtured in so many ways including lovely vegetarian food, stories and company at Sophia’s home on Saturday evening.

Sophia, one of the new Tara’s, commented …

The retreat “…helped me to deepen the understanding, power and blessings of Tara. It was wonderful, creating the space together to dive deep into the experience… I left feeling a connection with my own power”

My lasting impression from the retreat  this year is a deeper knowing that despite the negativity around us and within us , we have the refuge of the practice, of Tara, our community and connection to our true selves to overcome. We can see negativity as the illusion that it is, and allow the power of joy and laughter to enrich our lives.

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