A Flutter By – Kauai Taras Fun Raisers

One of the many things artist LeahVani is known for is wearing beautiful scarves and she has quite a personal collection. She decided to gift some of her scarves to a fund raiser for the Kauai Tara Dance Sangha to insure that everyone could get to our Annual Tara Dance Retreat on the north shore of Kauai (August 2014).

This inspired her sangha so much that after the scarf sale they decided to do a bake sale at their next meeting.  Trishana Star, a Level 2 Tara Dhatu Student Teacher wrote…..

I am feeling soooo grateful….We raised $432.00 at our Tara Boutique sale!  So many beautiful scarves and jewelry.  I think most of the items were purchased as gifts for others.

At our next practice we’ll have a Confection Sale with baked and non-baked treats: pies, cakes, cookies, dried fruits, and confections.  The proceeds from the sale of these items will go towards our Tara Camp Financial Aid Fund.


A Flutter By: Tara’s Delight for Scholarships

In the name of Tara  #10, Joy and Laughter

composed by LeahVani,


SCARVES,  Lingua Franca of the Body through Life’s Weavings

Honoring the Visuddha 5th Chakra and the Age of  Communication

Honoring Prema Dasara

And All of the Melodious and Dancing Taras Every Where


Dancing the daily array

The colors accord with the day;

A joy to adorn

To again be reborn

In the carrousel of

Colorful display.


We only veil to conceal

What later will surely reveal

The mystery of we

Who endeavor to see

The lessons still to unpeel.


I consider it unfathomable grace

To live at this formidable pace

In which to discover

The wonders that hover

In cloth

Through the light whirls

Of space.


So, enjoy these creations

Of form,

Which have served for a moment

To warm

A  throat of expressing

The joys of re – dressing

A  future

Dancing Tara Camp form.


May all be happy, free, liberated, fulfilled

On all levels of being and beyond,

to benefit all beings

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