Tara is Dancing in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Magic of the Tara Dance

By Nita-Rose

Nita-Rose Augsbach is a Licensed Massage Therapist living in the general vicinity of Cincinnati, Ohio. She contacted the Tara Dance through a magical series of events. Her Mother was a revered teacher of the dharma and one of her main practices was Tara. Living in South Africa somehow she had managed to find our practice of the Dance of Tara’s Qualities and she taught a modified version to her students. It was the last gift she gave them before she died. Nita-Rose discovered this through an accidental film someone made of the one time event. She went online and found Tara Dhatu. It was two weeks before camp started on Kauai and she moved heaven and earth in order to join us. She joined the Tara Dhatu Student Teacher program and writes about her experiences preparing for and sharing the dance for the first time in her own “Tara Temple.”

The rewards for having taken the journey to the magical island of Kauai in August to attend the Tara Dance Retreat have come swiftly in ways I could never have imaged nor envisioned, and continue to bless my life.

While flying home, full of inspired energy from the retreat, I decided that our Cabana that we ordered would be called The Tara Temple.  I smiled to myself at how lovely it sounded … Tara Temple …  This Cabana was part of an expansion for our business … to allow more participants into our massage workshops – and I was hoping that it would also be able to be used for the Tara Dance Circle in Cincinnati. I arrived home to a frazzled husband, who informed me that our Red Wood Cedar Cabana was being delivered to our home in Cincinnati from Pennsylvania 5 weeks early.  In fact it would be here in the morning!

As an apology for the inconvenience, the company offered us 2 strong Amish carpenters for the day who would help to install the floor, walls

and ceiling at no extra charge!  Our DIY, Cabana instead of being dumped on the curb, would be delivered to the site, unloaded and have the floor, walls and ceiling done in a day!  OM TARE!  I felt a surge of energy blessings pour into my body at the news

Tara Temple set up for massage workshop

The interior of the cabana took a month to complete and as my husband and a friend worked every free moment with electrical wiring and insulating etc.

I worked furiously every free moment trying to memorize the sequence of the Tara Dance and every gesture; praise and Om Tare turn!  My first facilitation of a Tara Dance Circle had me over thinking, over planning, over complicating everything!  With the unending patience from Prema, who responded to my every question and frustration, with quiet assurance, gentle humor and the patience of Job, along with Julie Thomas who happily offered her time on the phone and helpful suggestions that came from her own experience of years of teaching the Tara Dance in Youngstown, and  Parvati, who responded with detailed information and answers to every e-mail I sent encouraging me, urging me on.

Nita-Rose sets up the DVD, Dance The Goddess, for her first Tara Dance gathering.

With all of this amazing help, with every book, CD and DVD, I am not sure how I managed to twist myself into a tight rope of anxiety … but when I received an e-mail from Prema her words relaxed all the tension and I found myself uncurling, unwinding, softening and relaxing into an easy, trusting peaceful place.  The words that soothed and calmed me to the bones from Prema were

“What carries the day in Tara Practice is the energy it generates. It took me years before I was able to really talk about what it was all about. I let the dancing, the music speak for me.

No matter who I am addressing I think, these are my friends, my family and I want to share something that is precious to me with them.

I found the most important thing to start with is simply acknowledging that they already have everything they need inside of them. All the wisdom of the world rests within them. The purpose of the practice is simply to help reveal that, to experience it in our bodies.

A meeting is such a short period of time….it goes by so quickly…..speak and move from your heart and the energy of that will communicate itself. The questions…..you meet them with what you know and what you don’t you promise to find out…”

And so, knowing I was well prepared from attending the retreat in Hawaii, and knowing that I had all I needed in the form of materials, CD’s, manuals, DVD’s and the wonderful community of Tara’s who have been there before me, with the loving patience and guidance from Prema Herself …what could go wrong?

The Tara Thanka that graces Nita-Rose's Tara Temple.

Full moon day arrived …and at 6:00pm the cars began to fill up our drive way … the Tara Temple was ready … flowers filled the vases on the shrine, the room was fragrant from the earlier incense I had been burning in preparation … everything was ready … and so was I.

The next day I sent out an e-mail to all the ladies that had come to the Tara Dance.  My heart was so full to overflowing with fresh understanding of Tara, because of this wonderful experience that I just had to share it with them all.

I sat down at my computer … and I wrote:

How did I get to be so lucky to know all of you?  How did I become so blessed to have the honor of your loving support and presence?  How?

I woke up this morning feeling so blessed by your patience, your kindness, your support.  So willing to help me manifest my dream without judgment or resistance.  I thought of the qualities of the feminine energy, depicted by Tara, that I have sung and prayed for so many years … but only today did I really feel them in a new visceral way … with a deeper understanding  … and it was because I was the recipient of these qualities in all of you as you extended your loving compassion towards me.  Some or you were patient and serene … your presence a healing as you held the space for me to do my thing.  Some of you were Tara’s swift protection quick to protect my feelings and insecurities.  You were creative wisdom as you put your attention into working out the movements.  You were victorious as you all lifted your voices when you understood how to say the mantra.  You were the destroyer of negativity as you shared with me how it all will work out and its totally fine.  And so … as I move through the feminine qualities of the Mother energy … I am touched by this tangible, palpable energy that I received through all of you last night.

How did I get to be so lucky!  And the next blessing ceremony in Nov. will be even better because of you.  I have now a clearer understanding of how to break it down starting with the MANTRA!  Goodness … never thought to go over it FIRST!  And how to break down each step.  And how to “mirror” and how to trust the practice speaks for itself and there is no need to convince anyone of its power.  I will not use the TV … I will trust that I do remember it even when facing a number of beautiful women looking at me with anticipation!”

And so I am sure from my e-mail, it is clear that even though it was not “perfect”, it was perfect!

Thank you Tara.  Thank you Lineage!  Thank you Prema!  Thank you Teachers!  Thank you Community!

The Lineage, the teachers, the community … Tara Herself …When I thought you were all in a dimension and place I was striving to reach to find … I came to realize through facilitating the Tara Dance that the three jewels are very real, very present … right here, right now … I had your support in e-mails, phone calls, manuals, DVD’s, CD’s, Amish carpenters and even in the fear and the anxiety as I felt your swift protection and creativity deliver me into stability.  I realized Mother Tara, that you are actually as close as the breath I breathe … you are in my beating heart … you are in my dancing bones … you “Tara, are in every face,and in every person I meet .


Here are some of the emails I received after the Tara Dance event at my Tara Temple.

I hope you realize how genuinely thrilled I was with the dance and your temple. We did not need for things to go perfectly to have a perfectly delightful experience.  I am so respectful of your courage. What I experienced from being in the crowd was that those “powerful women” loved what you were offering.  I know I did.  Thank you for introducing me to the world of Tara.

Love Cathy Thomas

Thanks for including me in the wonderful experience.  I loved every minute of it. And your new space is amazing.   Would you be so kind as to give me the name of the DVD for the TARA dance as I really want to learn it to allow it to become second nature.

Enjoy the glow of a successful full moon Tara experience.  I loved it.  Love,  Molly McClure, CPRP

Love it and you….love your courage and commitment to the process…without it….nothing would have happened…sooooo….kudos to the Tara in you!! I see the whole group maybe in a park…or what about a field trip to Serpent Mound…or another energy spot…some great places to stay for groups at the Arc of Appalachia…maybe a Tara Weekend!  WOW…the skys the limit…love winter when the leaves are off the trees…good for visioning and dreaming…           Sue

How did I get so Lucky…just a fine example of how we are supported by a loving universe…what a great beginning…the temple is awesome…as are you, dear one!!!  This inspiration I felt from this event will carry me through the week.  May your feeling carry you into a lovely week also!!!          Deb Adams

Thank you Nita for sharing Tara with us!  It was beautiful.  And I might add you are not “lucky” you have manifested every one of us and we you.  How else could it be?

Loved it!  Lets do it again!      Gaelle

Let me say “thank you” I so enjoyed my evening last night, I think it was what the doctor had in mind for me as it brought me to a place where I felt at peace.  I am most certain that I had no idea what I was doing but it didn’t seem to matter. Thank you for including me amoung such a great group of women.  It was my pleasure to celebrate with all the amazing ladies in Tara and the temple. If you wouldn’t mind, could you send me the link or point me in the correction direction to obtain the video. I feel we are the lucky ones to have crossed paths with you and I am very grateful for our friendship.

Thanks again, Peggy

Thank You Nita-Rose!  Last night’s ceremony was amazing and it fits right in with the spiritual journey that I am on.  The first weekend in Nov is the Oneness Blessing Class that I am taking – I can’t wait to tell you all about it. Enjoy your new beautiful temple!  My only disappointment is that we are heading into winter instead of spring when you plan to do it again (you did say you will do this again in Spring?)  Namaste ,  Patty

How wonderful to hear about your experience “facilitating”  the Tara dance – to me it has been an amazing process to witness – as I surrender to Tara and allow her energy to work through me without attempting to get in the way  – it is wonderful what can unfold and how healing a process it can be for me and for others. Happy to hear how things are unfolding for you.

Much love,   Julie Thomas, Level 3 Tara Dhatu Teacher

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