Tara is Dancing in Dublin, Ireland

Natália Barella is one of Myri Dakini’s students, a Tara Dhatu South American Student Teacher who has been facilitating a circle in the far south of Brazil. She recently moved to Ireland determined to introduce Tara once she got settled. Her native tongue is Portuguese.
Prema & Myri received this message from Natália …..

What a precious connection we have!

Here in Dublin, I have had very good and very challenging moments. These experiences have all strengthened my relationship with Tara.

I just arrived home from our first Tara Dance practice, and it was amazing. We were seven women. We danced in a facility that offers different artistic, spiritual and cultural practices. Several friends are eager to join us so I shall maintain a practice here in Dublin. Our next session will be December 8th.

It was the first time I led the dance in English. The participants were from different countries and backgrounds; there was one Russian, one Irish, three Brazilians and 1 Spanish dancer. I felt very safe in leading them as I could feel inside me the support of my sangha, and my teachers.

The room where practiced has a big window that looks on to the street. As we danced, people in the street stopped to watch us. One child stayed fifteen minutes watching us, such a beautiful energy. The meeting was very special. I consider this a very good beginning. Tara really was with us. We felt so connected to Her love and Her compassion.

Prema, thank you for the eAddresses of the women who danced with you in Belfast. I wrote to all of them and Fiona answered me. She will try to join us sometime but I can also go to her city if she would like.

From my heart I thank you and Myri for this special practice. You have helped me to develop the skill to stay in the hands of the goddess. For all your teachings I am grateful.

I would like to share this practice that changed my life and that is my refuge with as many people as possible.

My dear teachers, thank you for helping me to wake up into my illuminated potential and to have the gift to share this with others.

Light and love


If you are interested in dancing Tara in Ireland with Natália, or wish to send her a letter of encouragement, contact her at Natália Barella prismacircular@gmail.com

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