Tara is Dancing in Caxias

Michele Trentin is a Level One Facilitator in Tara Dhatu South America. Michele has developed a dance school in the South of Brazil for the past 17 years, featuring Middle Eastern Dance. She has been studying and dancing in the Mandala of Tara for almost a year .

She writes……

The first time I was introduced to the Mandala Dance of Tara I had a very special and strong connection with the practice. I felt that all my life I was waiting to meet this sacred dance. I seemed to remember, deep inside myself, the feelings it evoked, so familiar! I felt like all my life’s path with dance prepared me!

After the Tara Retreat in Brasilia this year, studying with Myri and Prema, I decided to offer the Tara Dance in my dance school, Rakaça. Since we start ed the Tara dance practices in our school many students are engaging in the Tara circles. We feel it brings a great harmony and subtle energy to all of us dancing Tara, and to the school whole. Every practice I do, my love and devotion for this path grows!

It is our aspiration to engage more and more in these practices with the wish to be able to spread the light of Tara to everybody in our world!

I would like to thank Myri and Prema for all their support and love. Sending a big hug and sincere love to all our international Tara Dancing Sangha!

Om Tare!







Av. Júlio de Castilhos , 3082 , 2ºandar – São Pelegrino – Caxias do Sul-RS




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