Jessica is Headed to Tara Camp on Kauai : Fundraiser Report

Due to the generosity of the Tara community and beyond, Jessica Zebrine has met her fundraising goal, purchased all necessary plane tickets, and will be joining us for the retreat in Kauai.  In the time between May 30 when Jessica started her campaign and June 21 when she ended it, she received $3,380 in donations (in air miles, paypal, and checks) from 60 different people.  What an auspicious blessing! And she reports that she only knows a couple of the donors personally.  Thank you to everyone who contributed.
The “raffle” items were given to the following donors:
Ann Burruss – Rhye’s Tarot Reading

Sherrie Lloyd – Lilliha’s quilt

Dara Daniels – Logan’s blanket

Maurizia Zanin – Reiki session with Gail

Grace Jones – Laura’s pashmina

Parvati – Laura’s necklace

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