Stormy and the Lama

Renee (Ishtara) is a new Student Teacher in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Her daughter Nita (Stormy) is seven years old and is just as eager as her mom to dance Tara.

Renee recently wrote and sent these pictures….

Lama, Stormy and Renee

I hope all is well with you and everyone.  Here we are well and practice is progressing nicely.

Nita and I danced Tara’s Qualities for Lama Tsultrim Rinpoche.  It was wonderful. He was almost brought to tears by Nita and later confessed he had to hold back his emotion.  He called her Living Tara and gave her this old brass statue of Green Tara that had been given to him by his father and is properly blessed.

He told me he is certain Nita is a Tulku. He asked if in the future Nita could perform the dance at his father’s monastery in Nepal.

Nita with the Tara Lama gave her

We performed some of the children’s Tara Tames the 8 Fears dance for him and he laughed and laughed with us…it was beautiful.

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