Tara Retreat in Tucson with Prema

It was such a contrast going from the cold and wet winter of Portland to sunny Phoenix. The temperatures had been unseasonably cold just before I arrived, but for my week in Arizona the weather was delightful.

Parvati picked me up and took perfect care of me for the week of my stay. We spent one night at her house with her adorable woofer, Tenzin, and dear husband Adam.

Then we were off to Tucson for the weekend retreat. It was held at the lovely home of Amita and Aaron Graham. We had the perfect number of participants.

Left to right: Heather and Teresa, Elizabeth & Arabella

One delightful treat was having Arabella, Elizabeth Breck’s beautiful teenage daughter, and Heather, Teresa Newberry’s twelve year old join in several of our sessions. Both of their moms are Level 3 Tara Dhatu Teachers and have been dancing with me before their daughters were born.

We concentrated on the meditations within the mandala with a few lively dharma talks and dialogues thrown into the mix. It was a dynamic and gratifying sharing.

Megha, Parvati’s hanai Auntie, was our hostess. She had just moved into a new house but there was still enough of her marvelous art pieces around (she is a quilter) for us to enjoy.

She is a harpist songwriter and I was also delighted to get a brief intro to some of her work. I made a little youtube…check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcxTBOqKbU8

Parvati was magnificent in her role as Assistant Director of the Student Teacher Program. We spent a lot of time looking to the future, working with Protocol, Curriculum and all the ways to make our work with the Lineage of our Tara Dance practice accessible to students and budding teachers.

Om Tare!!!


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