Argentina, The Energy of the Andes United With Tara

Myri Dakini at the Women's Conference

Myri Dakini is the Central Coordinator for Tara Dhatu South America. She was invited to share some Tara Dance practice at a South American Woman’s Conference in Argentina. She writes…

We met in the Cordoba Valley, between the mountains, with the blue sky, the wind, the condors, the river, and a fire that kept burning from the beginning to the end of our gathering, the pulsing heart and the guardian … all elements united as the manifestation of Pachamama, the Great Mother. It was a gift of Tara, whose radiance was revealed uniting heaven and earth in the hearts of all the dancers. We radiated her qualities and remembered the reason why we are here.

Invited by Fleur Barragán , I went to participate in this South America Women’s Meeting and I had the opportunity to share Tara through Her dance and other dharma dances. I asked myself: “Which mission would I have in this meeting?”

When I arrived I immediately had a great moment: I met Chaska and the circle of women that make this meeting happen, uniting people with different experiences and from different traditions that share their wisdom for the benefit of all. I felt the connection had been established. They are strong women and their dedication is impressive. I know that the Mandala Dance of Tara has a fertile ground there and it can blossom and flourish in South America.

Fleur Barragán


Lila Ventura

After many years I met with Lila Ventura. She helped to translate the text for the Mandala Dance of Tara into Spanish and she keeps her own space for the dance of Tara. We had precious moments sharing our path and dancing together in this meeting!!! Om Tare!

How wonderful it is to feel Tara unite our hearts. When we are in Her Mandala we open our being and become one with Her. At the beginning I was a little concerned about the language, but again I could experience how powerful is this method of the dance as a practice.

I was speaking “PortuSpanish”, but people in the circle were so engaged in feeling Tara’s garden that the dance pervaded everybody in a very smooth and flowing way … it became only one language. We have a jewel in our lives that is this Dance of the Mandala of Tara. We danced the circle of Tara twice, two hours each day for two days.

It was a very special experience to see the circle so big and powerful. I was grateful to the Divine Mother Tara for being in my life and we can walk on Her path. I meet wonderful and lovely people that now are present in my heart, vibrating! How grateful I am for these meetings with such dear beings, dancing in the Mandala, dancing Tara.

I was three weekends in Argentina. The second weekend I taught the Dance of Tara’s Qualities in a retreat center called Buddha. I shared the weekend teachings with Mali, a classical Indian dancer.

Mali and Myri

It was a wonderful weekend weaving our work together.

The last weekend I offered a workshop on The Eight Precious Offering Dance. The group was beautiful and it also had men, Eh Ma Ho! How many gifts! To celebrate and pray through the dance.

Myri performing in one of Prema's Classical Odissi Costumes.

I offered a program of the Dance of the Sacred Offerings that are all Prema’s dances in the Odissi style of Classical Indian dance that she teaches. It was forty minutes dancing and when I finished I was bathed in emotion because I felt my beloved teacher present and the precious gift to dance her dances, keeping alive the tradition. Following the teacher footprints. Thank you Prema for this opportunity of walking beside you in this life.

My heart is overflowing with the love and kindness I received from all that I met…and that made the circle of prayers turn. My gratitude to Fleur Barragán that invited me to this journey of growth, challenges and revelations and all her lovely family that received me with open arms making me feel at home. Maira and Lila, you two precious daughters that gave me single moments where the true connection was made through the heart.

When I stop and think about this path that Tara has given me…I rejoice because this path is covered with flowers and auspicious moments. Every day I renew my vow to serve Tara.
MyriDakini (from the heart of Brasil – Brasília)

At the conference the women learn the dance of the short purification mantra of Vajrasattva.

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