Peace to All Goddesses-Phoenix, Arizona

The Mandala of the 21 Praises of Tara dance turned in Phoenix Nov 12-14 weekend. Parvati Forrest Burke, Assistant Director of the Tara Dhatu Student teacher program leads a circle in her home town of Phoenix and frequent Mandala Dance Offerings. We will be giving a more full report but here’s a note from one of the participants of the weekend, Yamuna Shanti Devi…..

Fabuloso! Amazing! Magnificente!

I am truly amazed at how expanded I become through the Mandala Dance. I’ve been going on spiritual retreats for twenty years, Dances of Universal Peace retreats for ten years, but the Mandala Dance takes me out there like nothing else.

Perhaps it is simply that I’m ready to experience that far “out there” but whatever the reason, I love being so full of LOVE! I love the music, the movement, the singing, the moment I feel my emotional body connect with the vibrational experience; I love it that we dress and decorate ourselves to acknowledge our goddess selves; I love the glow I feel inside myself as each moment follows the next; I love it all!

This time I witnessed how much energy it takes to put on this event. You did a great job, Parvati,  of organizing, and delegating. To keep everyone on task when there are so many different personalities coming together like that, in such a short amount of time, wow! I think you are amazing Goddess! Thank you so much for being the center and ground for us all.

My dream/desire for 2011 is to attend every Tara Dance event so I’ve asked Tara to take me there!

Love, Joy, Harmony, and Peace to all Goddesses . . . . .

Yamuna Shanti Devi

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