Aspiring to Dance Tara in Hamburg, Germany

Nirka Basei led a Tara Dance circle in Alto Paraiso, Brazil for several years. She then moved to Hamburg, Germany and has the aspiration to start a Tara Dance circle there. She wrote….

My dear Prema

I’m writing to you today, because I’m very happy. Two days ago, I received the your book, “Dancing Tara” and your teaching CDs that Myri sent me. Listening and reading is giving me more motivation and power to practice Tara. The six cds of your teaching in Curitiba explain all the details of our Tara practices.

The book is wonderful  !!!!

I started with the first CD and I just keep repeating and repeating it because I feel it’s a kind of awakeness, to hear your voice. Your laughter brings me  much good feelings,  much power and more motivation in my life in Germany.

I’m feeling so blessed to be able to hear the teachings of Tara in my own home. I wish to receive you someday here in Hamburg with my open heart. And to start a circle of dancing Taras here.

With love,


(If you are interested in receiving a set of the Curitiba CDs write to Myri

For a copy of the book write to

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