Dancing Tara’s Qualities in Arkansas for H. H. Getse Rinpoche and Khentrul RInpoche

Dancing Refuge for H. H. Getse Rinpoche and Khentrul Rinpoche at the blessing of Katog Rit'hrod land.


Katog Choling Rit’hröd


October 2010

Adrianne LaBry Smith, Tara Dhatu Level 3 Teacher

Adrianne LaBry Smith is a Level 3 Tara Dhatu Teacher residing in Lafayette, Louisiana. She has been leading a practice of Tara Dance at Khentrul Rinpoche’s Lafayette Center. Khentrul is a great supporter of the Tara Dance and encourages Adrianne.  From her pen……

A few weeks ago, Gil and I were able to get away to attend teachings and empowerments offered by H. H. Getse Rinpoche, one of the five Golden Throne Holders of Katog Gompa, the mother monastery of Khentrul Rinpoche’s lineage in Tibet.  The festivities took place at the Arkansas retreat land, now named Katog Rit’hrod, under the direction of Khentrul Rinpoche which included a formal blessing of the land.

On the day of the Throma empowerment, Khentrul Rinpoche surprised me with the personal announcement, “Today, we will have Empowerment of Green Tara!”   He announced to the sangha gathered, that the night before he had shared with Getse Rinpoche how he has been searching for several years for a text for Green Tara practice having certain components.  Getse revealed that he had such a text !  Khentrul then said, “ You must give Green Tara Empowerment tomorrow!” Khentrul also announced that we would Dance Tara on the blessing day.

On the blessing day  a rainbow arose directly above us just before the tsok offering that preceded Tara dance!  There was no prediction of rain in the forecast for days and still no rain in sight, only a sphere-like rainbow in the parting of the clouds above our heads.  The Rinpoches were quite delighted with this auspicious sign!

Khentrul asked for about 8 or 10 of us to stand in front and dance, yet close to thirty people stepped up from the audience to participate, only ten of which had danced before. We offered the Dance of Tara’s Qualities and the newcomers were able to join us.

Rinpoche and Getse were delighted with the offering.   At the conclusion of the dance, as I bowed before him, Getse Rinpoche gave me a “thumbs-up,” his face boasting a huge grin.  Khentrul’s nodding response, “Very good!  Very good!”

Many people approached me afterwards, all   deeply moved by the power of the dance. Tara is Dancing, alive and well in Katog Choling sangha and beyond.

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