Blessings To All From Kathmandu

Every year our good friend Andrea Abinanti, long time resident of Kathmandu, Nepal, invites us to support her in making special prayer offerings during the holiday season.

She invites us to gather names of people who have recently died or need some prayer support to be read out during a series of pujas that she and her expat community support. This year we asked our students and members if they would like to participate, to make donations for the offerings, and send in names.

Blessing of the Wealth Vase

The offerings started in early December. For some years now, she has maintained a wealth vase for us, to help keep Tara Dhatu financially viable. Every year she takes it to the Temple of her teacher Drubtop Rinpoche to have it re-empowered.

Dispelling Harm Ushnisha Vijaya

The next set of offerings were made on the day of the winter solstice to  Ushnisha Vijaya.  According to Tibetan astrology, the elements of that day were very good…wind/wind: the day has sublime energy to quickly accomplish one’s wishes.

Dzambala, Deity of Abundance and Good Fortune presides over Wealth Vase Blessings

This form of the great Mother is the essence of the Wisdom of all the Buddhas…she is the ‘Victorious One’…having the ability to dispel harm.  Through her great kindness she prolongs life. Her white body is radiant like glistening snow on the top of a mountain; her central face pacifies obstacles. Her second face, the yellow one to her right, brings about the increase of qualities. Her third face, the blue one to her left, is slightly wrathful; it brings control over the negative mind.

Entering the gompa you can see so many offerings, the butter lamps send the light of wisdom to all.

At every event Andrea read the names of those who have passed away during this past year…may they receive the blessings of Ushnisha Vijaya and quickly receive a precious human rebirth. 

She also read the names of those who are sick. If their life span is completed, may they pass quickly and peacefully, taking a precious human rebirth. Those who have the karma to live, may they quickly recover from whatever sickness they have and may the rest of their life be healthy and full of joy and happiness!

May all other beings have excellent health and a long life filled with happiness and success!

May the prayers spread in all directions, to every being.

From the depth of our heart, we send our love to all.

May all obstacles be removed.

Whatever one undertakes, may it be successful.

And may all sicknesses be healed!

May everyone’s wish be fulfilled

and may Ushnisha Vijaya’s blessings of good health  be received by all!!!

Christmas Offering

Many years ago, I had the desire to sponsor special prayers for Christmas.  I asked Drubthop Rinpoche which puja would be most beneficial to offer. He recommended the Medicine Buddha puja.

Medicine Buddha, the Supreme Healer, is an enlightened being who has unbiased compassion for all beings.  He protects all from physical and mental sicknesses, removes the sickness of delusions  and helps eradicate the three poisons; attachment, hatred and ignorance.

May those traveling through the Bardo see the light of the enlightened ones.

May they take a precious human rebirth!

All who are sick, may they quickly recover!  May all others have good health and long lives!

May the light of the Lord of Compassion radiate out to all, filling everyone’s heart with great bliss!!!

May the darkness of ignorance be dispelled.

May the mind awaken to it’s clear, luminous nature.

May the light be sent out to all!

For those who have passed on, may the Medicine Buddha neutralize their past bad karma.

May all those who are sick be quickly cured and may all others have good health and great happiness!!!

May all receive the blessings of the masters and enlightened ones!!!

New Years Day

We started our cycle of offerings on New Year’s Day at the Swayambhu Stupa. We were able to enjoy a beautiful morning with perfect weather.  Last year, because of the earthquake, we did not have permission to offer our annual painting of the stupa. This year, we were all so happy to be allowed!!!

We surrounded the stupa with butter lamps, sponsored a whitewash for the great dome and adorned it with lotus swirls of saffron and a new curtain above the eyes. The group then assembled in the monastery to make prayers.

Lha gya lo!  Lha gya lo! Lha gya lo!  Ki ki tso tso

May all the gods be happy with our offerings!

May auspiciousness pervade in all the realms!

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