Charging the Wealth Vase

For some years our good friend Andrea Abinanti, who lives on Manjushri Hill, Swayambu, Kathmandu, Nepal, has kept a Wealth Vase for Tara Dhatu. Every year a Puja is performed at the Thuckche Choling Monastery to honor the God of Wealth, Dzambhala. It is said that he grants spiritual wealth and financial stability.

Each year local residents bring their wealth vases to be re-energized by the prayers and mantras of this puja. Andrea is kind enough to place ours in the blessing area.

In the early morning Yamantaka is propitiated to remove all obstacles. Then the various wealth deities are called upon and innumerable mantras are recited.

In the afternoon the protectors are invoked to remove obstacles that plague all beings and create the cause for all to have material means to survive comfortably.

Prayers are made that the natural elements are in balance; that there will be abundant crops, successful businesses, good jobs and all societies treating everyone with loving kindness.

On the final day when the initiation was to be given, Dhrubtop Rinpoche’s yangtse (re-incarnation) came to oversee the last part of the annual puja. The previous Dhrubtop Rinpoche graciously received the Tara Dhatu pilgrimage of 2001 and told us of finding the self-arising Tara in the jungles of Parping. Now as a young child he listened with great happiness to the teachings.

May the power of Dzambhala’s prayers and mantras,

And the mantras of all the gods and goddesses of wealth,

Shower their blessings on all 

Bestowing the prosperity of wisdom,

Wealth, health and happiness!

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