The Student of Tara Program is our Entry Level Course, a pre-requisite for all other TDEP Courses.

If you want a more personal relationship with the material you can work directly with Prema or one of the senior teachers in developing your own course of study and practice. You can become a “Student of Tara.”

Anyone who is interested in deepening their understanding of Tara and the mind training practices that are the philosophical basis of the dance may join as a student with no obligation to pursue the path as a teacher.

Everyone who wants to study the Tara Dance Practices as an individual practitioner or as an aspiring teacher enters through this door.  One may also choose to join any of the additional programs within the TDEP which are described below.   The curriculum of this program is based on the methods of spiritual practice that uphold the dance and are the foundations of the practice.

2. Student Teacher Program – Becoming a Tara Dance Teacher

This 4-level program is meant to develop and support students aspiring to facilitate Tara Circles in their community, introduce the dance to new communities, and offer the Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara as a public performance.

3. Children’s Program – Spirituality in Youth

Prema has developed a program for children that is playful and educational. Teaching spirituality to children requires specialized skills. Using some of the legends of Tibetan Buddhist practice, children are led into an exploration of the mind and how to work with their emotional impulses.

4. Auxiliary Dance Programs

This course is designed for students interested in leading one or more of the other dances and practices developed within Tara Dhatu that are complementary to the Tara Dance practices such as The 8 Precious Offerings, Vajra Sattva, White Tara, etc.

5. Tara and the Tarot

These two mystery schools, the Western expression of ancient symbols called the Tarot, and an Eastern experience of Tantric practice working with 21 Emanations of the Goddess Tara, show distinct correspondences. In Prema’s exploration she works with this information in a unique fashion.

Maria Ache, a Senior Mentor in the Tara Dhatu tradition, has created dances that illustrate the mysteries of the Major Arcana, and Prema has developed meditations that work with the correspondences.

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Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha!