Post Monlam Visit to Chapada Imperial

Our last official day together in Brazil Prema and Myri put together a very special grand finale.  An hour bus drive out of Brasilia, down windy dirt roads through the bush, we came to Chapada Imperial, an ecological sanctuary, a nature preserve of the cerrado biome, the high plains plateau of central Brazil. The owner of the land greeted us enthusiastically and gave us a tour.  The center was closed to the public on this day. We were the only guests.

We were also greeted by a roaming peacock and a large blue gold parrot.  One of the jobs of the sanctuary is to rescue, rehabilitate and return to the wild animals that have been captured. He was passionate as he showed us the cages where animals had been taken to market and he pleaded, ”Please, do not take home animals”.

We then assembled around hike choices, small, medium (3 hours), or long (5 hours) I chose “the middle path”.  We start off down a well maintained trail. 

Our guide shared his extensive knowledge of the healing properties of the plants, and introduces us to birds, insects, and animals on our way.  We delight in the colorful flowers and the colorful stories.  The sun is out and we are feeling light, happy, playful. The Taras are singing and laughing, holding hands, taking photos, talking openly and lovingly in community.  We pass waterfalls and view dense forest and rolling hills.  The dance of the trees and butterflies, the smells of the woodlands seep into us, the elements in nature bathing our senses.

In the 1st waterfall, most of the Taras slide gently across smooth, massive granite rock into the fresh pools of reflected water sending ripples across the surface and ripples of delight upon our skin.  We take turns underneath the pounding water of the falls, a natural massage.  We lay across the sun-drenched rocks, arms around one another, heads resting in laps, smiling, laughing, talking, beckoning, attracting all to join us.

Beautiful clear, clean water. We call to each other.  No one is left out.  We feel healed and forgiven as we let go of any resistances., Bathing in the waterfall pools, the flowers around us shimmer, we breathe in the sweet smell of forest plants and the bursting freshness of the falling water. We celebrate a rising awareness of the power of prayer, the light glimmering in our eyes a reflection of the light within.

Back at home base we are served an incredible abundance of fresh food grown on the farm. Tara’s songs upon our lips, filled with joy and laughter, we are living the 8 precious offerings.

As we finished with lunch we had options and several choose to play in a special area built around towering trees. Climbing into one of the tree giants, a zip line sent our Taras squealing .  Aerial ropes and wooden planks, painted tires, and balance line woven through the tree tops gave another group some intense challenges. Some of us decided to just rest in the hammocks and watch the action.

On our return, happy and tired, we ended the day with a magnificent sunset and rising full moon to seal the mystery.  May all beings be happy.  May all beings be free.

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