Prema’s Health Update

Dear friends,

So many of you have written to me with your prayers, your well wishes, your suggestions, your healing modalities, I am so grateful to have such a wide ranging family of concern.

My current situation is a strange one, sort of like a bardo realm. Fortunately I am so very well taken care of that my days are merry and productive. But there is a thread of pain that weaves through them, and the ongoing emotional effort of not being disappointed in my inability to walk without pain.

The good doctor Claudio has nothing further to offer me right now.

Just before leaving the hospital. The dancing naked dakini on my computer cover was a source of great interest to the staff as Sarah. They never noticed that she was naked, covered with skulls and bone ornaments. They liked the colors and the dancing posture.

I have pain meds (tylanol) that I take when things get unbearable. Sleeping pills which are fabulous and drop me into dream land within half an hour if I can’t get there on my own. I am doing a very short series of exercises that are returning strength to my violated thigh muscles so I can get my leg on and off the bed on it’s own steam, sleep on my side and other wonders that one takes completely for granted when you don’t have a “situation”. What I can’t do is walk without my two “sticks” and even with them….it is painful.

I have been trying an interesting array of natural remedies. Myri’s mother had her maid pull some weeds that are said to be powerful

Myri takes me on my first outing. We rented a wheelchair for a month. Essential equipment at the moment.

anti-inflammatories, they make it into a green drink morning and evening for me. Carmelita, Myri’s maid, has brought me her own array of herbs, some to drink and some made into a tea I pour over me before my shower.

One of my dear student/friends arranged for an empathetic healer, Fravarti,  who has prescribed homeopathic remedies, castor oil packs, bifidus and other excellent overall good health suggestions. She feels that I will not need another operation.

I receive Tong Ren treatments several nights a week from our dear friend Ciara in Seattle. This long distance healing method made a huge difference in my condition before surgery so I am hoping that it will help with the current healing process. If you are interested in receiving treatment from Ciara you can contact her through

A local Reiki healer, Cintia, brought a very interesting woman, Inez, to do energy healing. Inez channels a disembodied doctor, Dr. Celso. and this fellow, who always introduces himself, and makes it very clear that it is he and not Inez who is doing the work, has directed my attention to emotional and karmic causes to my current situation that have been just fascinating.

He announced that he would come three times. The first session he asked (Myri interpreting) if I had anyone inmy close family whose name sounded something like Anton who had died. My mother’s name is Antonette so I was quite surprised and delighted when he said that she was there with him and wanted me to know how much she loved me and how important it was for me to forgive my father. Well that set off a chain reaction of realizations that have continued throughout the three sessions. Last night was the last one and the doctor said that it would take at least 9 months before I was walking without pain. He indicated some past life activity that needed purification then described the Vajrasattva practice beautifully. Of course, I often suggest this for students in pain, makes perfect sense and I shall increase my daily practice. It is so easy to forget that all pain arises from previous causes and conditions and is a form of purification.

One of the Sarah Hospital waiting rooms. I return periodically to have tests and work with the physical therapists there.

Another interesting side to this fascinating connection was a woman, Shash, who had danced Tarayears ago and was somehow still on my email list. She does something she calls emotional release…….and because of various eGlitches I didn’t realize she was engaging in her process at the same time I was receiving Inez (and Dr.Celso’s) work. One of the things the disembodied Dr. mentioned was that my distress went back through my matriarchal line and I needed to help heal this through my forgiveness of myself and my father.

At the same time Shash, somewhere in the USA, was releasing emotional patterns that she indicated came through the matriarchal line. There were many similarities between Shash’s report and what Dr. Celso told me.

If you are interested in Shash’s form of energy healing that identifies and releases trapped emotions, you can contact her

The night before I left the hospital I captured this incredible sunset picture from my bed.

at put “through Prema” in subject line.

So where does this all leave me. Well, it is obvious that this is not a slam dunk process. Easy to understand considering the severity of the operation. I simply need to give the healing process time. I have received letters from all over with the most amazing variety of reports about this kind of operation….some people walk after a few days, some it takes a year to recover from the operation, some resurfacing prosthesis have been replaced, one recovered fully, the other it made no difference, pain was the same. So…..I can’t judge my own situation by anyone else’s report….every body is different and I shall just have to find my own way.

At the hospital, I was surrounded by “eye candy”. The nurses and other practitioners were so lovely, happy to share hugs and personal stories.

Every day is different as far as the degree of pain and the degree that it distracts me. Most days I am able to do my practice, work on the computer for a significant number of hours and work with Myri on her English. That is one of our most enjoyable adventures together. She is reading from one of my favorite dharma books, “Wake Up To Your Life” by Ken McLeod. It is such a profound piece of work I’ve been through it twice and was just starting it again when I got this brilliant idea. I am able to correct Myri’s pronunciation, she is compiling a huge list of new vocabulary and every few sentences we stop so I can expound on the meaning of what is being communicated. You know how much I love to dharma rant and Myri loves to listen….so many pleasant hours go by in this activity.

I will soon have finished the formatting of the Portuguese version of my book and we will self print it here. Dr. Celso actually mentioned the book which really surprised me, said that he thought people would really appreciate it.

Though I have cancelled much of my April tour in Brazil, (we will go to Curitiba April 15-17th) and will still hold the retreat in May. We are holding weekly satsang/dharma classes with some of Myri’s students in her living room and that is quite enjoyable.

Kylie is guiding me through some of the fascinating world of a FaceBook Fan Page which we have now installed so if you haven’t joined please do because this is becoming a wonderful resource of Tara’s communicating their dancing Tara activities.              Tara Dhatu Facebook

I have also started a twitter page and plan to put up some of my favorite dharma quotes as well as big announcements on a regular basis so if you want to follow my twittering, climb aboard. Prema’s Twitter

I am thoroughly enjoying living in this delightful household. Myri’s sixteen year old son, Beor, has declared himself the alpha male of the household and we spend a fair amount of time sparring verbally and generally agreeing that we both are unbelievably lucky to have Myri caring for us. She is amazing. Every night before sleep she give me a full body massage, aimed at lymph drainage……I know it has a great deal to do with my good sleep. She hauls us both around to whatever appointments we have, does the shopping and keeps everything running merrily along.

And Carmelita, Myri’s maid is the sweetest kindest darling. She is a great cook and she is so willing to carry my installation (computer, plugs, water bottle) around to whatever room I set up in since I can’t carry anything having to limp around with two canes encircling both wrists. Myri bought me a comfortable chair in the living room and I do a great deal of work there…..but sometimes the body just wants me to rest and then we haul it all into the bedroom where I read a book, or watch a movie.

Now I sit at the dining table, thinking of all my loved ones spread across the globe with so much affection and appreciation. If you read all the way down to the end of this long communication I send you extra special kisses, Brazilian style, hugs and general yippees and ya hus.

In this vast and every changing universe I bow with gratitude and share my openhearted love.


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