Tara, Dancing in Phoenix, Vermont, Guarapari and Maui

It was a powerful approach to the full moon, November 8-10.
We had three mandalas turning that weekend,
one in Phoenix, one in Vermont and one in Guarapari in Brazil.
Myri in the center with the Tara Dancers of Guarapari. Several Taras flew in from other cities to support the group. They did their offering on Saturday so the group could go together to a Zen monastery in the countryside. The leader of the Guarapari circle, Daison, is a Priest there. The group has sponsored Myri for several years and are developing beautifully.
The next day, Monday, was full moon and Prema led the Maui Tara Dancers in an evening meeting. A very special guest was Āinalei, Jocelyn’s little daughter, who delighted us all with her lively presence.
Parvati led the group in Phoenix. It has been four years since the Phoenix circle has offered a public mandala and it was well attended. Carey Avery mentioned that while dancing in Seattle for Dagmola she realized that the dance was a healing presence for the audience, and this understanding enriched her experience in Phoenix. Carey is a wonderful support for Parvati as she leads the local dancers in their monthly meetings when Parvati is traveling. A mix of new and experienced dancers were present with many from out of town.  The group enjoyed live music nourishment from Shivadam Burke and Bernie Skydrummer. 
One witness to the Offering wrote “Watching the dances was a joy. It was so wonderful seeing all those women just being free, letting their inner exquisiteness out“.
Janice led the group in Vermont. Several of the Taras drove over from upstate New York to keep the wheel turning
The circle in Vermont was delighted to have Amber join them with her musician friends  from New York,. They are learning the Tara Dance material.  She is determined to have her Tara Band ready to play when Prema and Myri lead a weekend retreat in June in Upstate New York.

May the Precious Wheel Of Dancing Tara
Continue to Spin Through Our World
Bringing Blessings and Inspiration,
Peace and Joy


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